Trader Joe’s Mint Watermelon Tea Is What Your Summer Sipping Is Missing

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I popped the pink-and-green tin into my basket on a whim. I’m a tea person, so it wasn’t unusual. Also, despite the rising summer temps, I’m not averse to a hot cup of tea on a hot day. I forgot about the tin, and it was gradually buried beneath various TJ’s sundries—a bag of kale, frozen mango, plantain chips (always plantain chips), etc. Later, when putting away the Sunday shop, I unearthed the Trader Joe’s Mint Watermelon Flavored Black Tea. While I assumed it would be an occasional sip in the comfort of an air-conditioned living room or office, I soon learned that this tea has a direct line to summertime. A few cups later, and I’m officially crowning it the sip of the season.

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You can enjoy it hot or iced (both are nice), and sweetened or unsweetened. It comes in a tin of 20 deeply fragrant tea sachets that are filled with, as TJ’s says, “Black tea from Indonesia, spearmint from the Pacific Northwest, natural flavors, and dried watermelon, a supreme combination of flavors perfect for an early-morning mug or a refreshing afternoon iced tea.” If you don’t have a kettle available, just pop the top and take a whiff. You’ll find yourself beneath blue skies, surrounded by a tangle of watermelon vines.

The tin admits that tea can be a hard sell in July: “If tea isn’t your first beverage choice during warmer months, let us convince you otherwise.” The headline may have tipped you off, but it’s worth saying again: I’m convinced. The flavor combo of this summery tea couldn’t be more refreshing. The herbal brightness of mint combined with the crisp fruitiness of watermelon feels like a grown-up version of a juice box. Plus, at $4.99, it’s one of the simplest ways to cheer up a summer day.

What’s your go-to summertime beverage? Have you tried Trader Joe’s Mint Watermelon Flavored Black Tea yet this season?

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