Why Matt Damon Says He’ll Never Fry His Thanksgiving Turkey

What does the gift of time mean to you?
The main focus for me has always been time with my family around the holidays. But I feel like the connection with the older generation was really tenuous during COVID. I mean, I saw my mother and mother-in-law fewer times than probably any point in my life just because it was unsafe. Coming out of COVID, that’s what I think I’m looking forward to the most.
When you are able to spend that time with your family, what’s on the table for Thanksgiving?
We do the standard turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce. I can’t wait for all of that.

Have you ever fried the bird?
We roast it. I’ve done some Thanksgivings down South where they fry it, and I love a fried turkey as much as the next guy. But that’s not a risk I want to take in my house. People make that classic mistake of putting too much oil in the pot, and then you throw the frozen turkey. [Ed note: Don’t do that! Here are our recs for frying your bird.] You get a big explosion so we don’t we don’t mess with it up here in New York. I let the professionals do it, but anytime I can get near a fried turkey, I’m definitely into it.
Are you ever in the kitchen or just a helpful supervisor?
I’m a good drone worker. I get put to work, you know, mashing potatoes or doing the things that don’t require too much skill. I’m kind of a utility player on the team. So whatever I’m needed to do, I try to help with. But they don’t let me near any of the stuff that actually requires skill.
What desserts do you go for?
I’m very standard. I love pumpkin pie and apple pie and basically I eat till I can’t move. And then as soon as I start to get any kind of mobility, I get up and I eat again. That’s my Thanksgiving tradition.

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