Alternative weight loss cardio exercises that are high calorie burners – workout plan

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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When it comes to burning calories, cardiovascular training is the preferred method by many. There are numerous exercises a person wanting to lose weight can perform in order to do so alongside a healthy, nutritious diet.

But with so many options out there, which activities are more effective for targeting stubborn fat and burning a shed load of calories quickly?

According to experts, there are three key factors when it comes to burning calories – duration, pace, intensity.

The harder you work, the more you burn.

Thee most common exercise or the one that athletes usually start out with is running.

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But there are many other options to incorporate into your routine.

1. High-knee running

This offers a significant degree of intensity that increases the heart rate and allows a person to strengthen their lower body too.

Personal trainer Samuel Nord, explained that one can burn 240 to 350 calories in a half-hour session.

2. Bum kicks

Similar to high-knee running, this exercise also has similar results.

Samuel said: “This simple move warms up the body, keeps the heart rate up and helps you burn some calories.

“Completing this in intervals and switching up the intensity gives you a good cardio workout.

“It’s also very good for the legs as it strengthens the hamstrings and helps prevent injuries.”

3. Stationary bicycling

“Another high-intensity cardio exercise is stationary cycling,” Samuel went on.

“Doing so in intervals allows it to be performed vigorously or at your own pace.”

Even if a person keeps at a slower pace, they are more likely to go for longer periods of time therefore will still burn a high amount of calories.

4. Mountain climbers

This exercise works the whole body.

It allows people to burn quite a few calories in a short period of time, especially when integrated with other moves.

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