Brian Shaw weight loss: World’s Strongest Man cuts calories to shed 4st ‘I’m starving!’

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A post shared by Brian Shaw (@shawstrength)

While this seems like a colossal amount of food to non-strongmen champions, Brian made a surprising revelation: “I wake up starving – I’m pretty much starving all day to be fair.”

In the video, he polished the meat, eggs and rice with a cup of blueberries.

For a “treat”, Brian would enjoy two rice cakes.

A further 10 ounces of bison was his next meal.

Next, the strongman would drink a protein shake, complete with probiotics, digestive enzymes and 65g of protein.

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A post shared by Brian Shaw (@shawstrength)

The average recommended amount for a male is 55g per day – and Brian got this in just one shake.

With the protein shake, he’d enjoy a banana with peanut butter, plus two rice crispy treats on training days.

His next meal was 12 ounces of shredded chicken, four ounces of asparagus and a bag of sweet potato fries.

“I need carbs. I’m not going to cut out carbs completely because that would be ridiculous.”

Next is 10 ounces of bison meat, one and a half cups of rice and a bowl of salad, finished with a balsamic intake.

The strongman used to eat between 9,000-10,000 calories per day – sometimes even more – so he described this current meal plan as a “significant drop”.

He also used a fat burning drink.

He admitted to using progress photographs to track his transformation as opposed to incessant weigh-ins, as these put him in a “bad mental spot”.

But, he revealed he was “excited” about his journey.

He offered a piece of advice to fellow slimmers: “If you’re going through your own transformation, keep it up, just do it on a daily basis.

“Stay motivated, stay hungry, stay excited.”

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