Burn body fat: Doctors warn common daily activity could be hindering weight loss

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If a person is wanting to burn body fat, it’s no secret that getting up and moving around is the number one thing to do. In fact, sitting for more than the recommended time can have a whole host of negative impacts on your health, not just your weight.

Research studies have linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including:


Increased blood pressure

High blood sugar

Excess body fat around the waist

Abnormal cholesterol levels.

According to the Mayo Clinic, too much sitting for prolonged periods also seems to “increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer”.

According to Government data, adults in the UK spend around nine hours a day sitting.

This includes watching TV, using a computer, reading, doing homework and travelling by car, bus or train.

Jennette Garcia, an assistant professor of sport and exercise science at the University of Central Florida, advises reducing watching TV at night to avoid sitting for too long.

“We found that not all types of sedentary behaviour are created equal and that maybe we should focus more on decreasing television viewing than focusing on occupational sitting,” she explained.

But it isn’t difficult to rectify this issue, even at work.

Doctors advise simple activities to improve overall health.

Some of these include:

Take a break from sitting every 30 minutes

Stand while talking on the phone or watching television

Opt for a standing desk at work if possible

Conduct walking meetings with colleagues rather than sitting in a conference room.

“The impact of movement can be profound,” said medical dietician Edward Laskowski.

“For starters, you’ll burn more calories.

“This might lead to weight loss and increased energy.

“Also, physical activity helps maintain muscle tone, your ability to move and your mental well-being, especially as you age.”

Data collected by the UK Government found that in the year to November 2020, 62.8 percent of adults in England were overweight or obese.

The recommended exercise guidelines state that people should partake in at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to reduce sitting time.

The UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines report recommends breaking up long periods of sitting time with activity for just one to two minutes.

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