Burn thigh fat fast: How to get thinner legs – ‘notice a difference’

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While spot-reducing fat in certain areas of the body has been labelled a “myth” by fitness experts, there are ways people can get leaner legs easily. Exercises that focus specifically on stubborn areas, such as the tummy and thighs, can help increase lean muscle mass and burn excess fat, and changing diet habits can lead to weight loss all over the body as a whole.

If a person is looking to lose inner thigh fat, they should set a goal of reducing body fat overall.

Certified fitness trainer and founder of The Glute Recruit, Jessica Mazzucco, explained: “To lose thigh fat and tone your legs, focus on eating a healthy diet, doing cardio three days a week, and strength training three to four days a week.

“How long it might take to notice a difference in your leg strength and appearance depends on individual factors but in general, most people will notice a difference within one to three months.”

So what should people be doing in order to begin removing that inner thigh fat?

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

In order to lose weight and keep the body functioning properly, people must have the right balance of nutrients from different foods.

Ms Mazzucco said: “To lose thigh fat you’ll have to follow a healthy diet, which is imperative for weight loss.

“There isn’t one particular diet that is best for losing thigh fat but in general, reducing consumption of refined carbohydrates and added sugars aids in weight loss.”

These are usually found in processed foods, baked goods, frozen meals and fizzy drinks.

In order to lose weight effectively through eating, experts have suggested sticking to whole foods.

These include:




Whole grains

Nuts and seeds

Eggs and dairy

Fresh animal proteins, like lean meats

Don’t brush off cardio

Never underestimate the power of a brisk walk.

Cardio helps people burn calories, with fitness experts suggesting doing cardio at least 250 minutes over five days a week.

Ms Mazzucco continued to tell Insider: “Cardio is a great way to lose fat in all areas of the body, including your legs.

“Cardio exercises burn a lot of calories, which can help you stay in a calorie deficit.”

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprinting can also be “just as effective” at reducing body fat as they have been proven to boost metabolism and burn more calories.

Don’t be afraid to train legs

Building muscle doesn’t mean people will look like bodybuilders.

Gaining muscle through strength training helps people lose fat all over the body, including the thighs.

Ms Mazzucco advised completing leg-focused strength training three to four times a week.

She explained each muscle group need 48 to 72 hours between workouts to give them time to recover.

“Strengthening your legs can also give them a more lean and toned appearance,” said Andy Stern, a certified personal trainer and founder of boxing gym Rumble.

He recommended three exercises in order to strengthen the thighs:

Complete this short workout by doing three to four sets of 15 reps.

Sumo squats

Stand with feet slightly wider than the hips

Bend at the knees and push the hips back, keeping the chest up

Curtsy lunges

Stand with the feet hip-distance apart

Put one foot behind the other and bend knees into a lunge.

Hover the knee just above the floor

Goblet squats

Hold the kettlebell with both hands and stand with feet slightly wider than your hips

Bend at the knees and lower the body down into a squat position

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