Claire King weight loss: Emmerdale star lost 10lb with this diet – what did she eat?

Claire King starred in the ITV drama, Emmerdale, from 1989 to 1999 and again from 2018. The actress has also made a name for herself starring as Karen Betts in Bad Girls and competing in the reality shows Strictly Come Dancing an Celebrity Big Brother. Also working hard off screens, she managed to change her lifestyle and lose a huge amount of weight. Cutting back on some food groups and using intermittent fasting helped Claire shape up.

Karin usually devises vegetarian diets but I pleaded with her to include some meat, so she let me add chicken.

Claire King

The actress first made a bid to slim down in 2005 when she got the help of diet and fitness expert, Karin Ridgers, to help her shape up.

To do this, she went on a strict diet which required her to cut out certain food groups.

During this time, she started to shed the pounds by cutting out wheat, dairy and red meat six days a week.

Speaking to the Mirror at the time, she said: “Karin usually devises vegetarian diets but I pleaded with her to include some meat, so she let me add chicken.”

On top of her healthy diet, the Emmerdale actress shook up her morning routine and started each day by eating five grapes and drinking water with lemon.

Throughout the day, Claire stayed hydrated by drinking two litres of water each day.

In recent years, she has stayed slim by using following a form of the popular diet plan, intermittent fasting.

The star spoke out about her weight and revealed the 5:2 diet plan helped her stay in shape.

This plan requires slimmers to eat 500 calories on two days of the week and eat what they want on the remaining five days in the hopes they make healthier choices on the days where they are not restricted.

After slimming down, many people are quick to show off their results and share the plan they followed to beat the bulge.

Love Island host, Caroline Flack, changed her diet to lose one stone in just 12 weeks. 

The TV star explained she cut out all traces of sugar and alcohol for three months in order to shape up.

Caroline also revealed the important of exercise in her lifestyle and explained she will try to fit in time to stay active.

TV presenter, Fern Britton, recently changed her life and slimmed down by a staggering five stone. 

While trying to lose weight, she cut back on carbohydrates and focused on eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

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