Claudia Winkleman shares unusual exercise and diet secrets ‘Don’t believe in water’

Strictly: Tess and Claudia introduce the show

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Claudia Winkleman will step onto the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor this evening to co-host alongside Tess Daly. The presenter has been in the showbiz industry for many years, having presented It Takes Two, several radio shows, fronted other BBC TV shows and written a few books. Being in the public eye, how does she stay so trim? 

Known for dark thick eyeliner, a long fringe and baggy clothes, Claudia has been showing her figure off in recent years with clothes that are more figure hugging.

But how does she keep herself of shape? 

Unlike other celebrities, Claudia’s diet and exercise regime is a little more unusual; she’s not into fads, doesn’t like to weigh herself and hates drinking water. 

Claudia said she has “given up sugar, but I wake up most days and go, ‘I’m not going to have sugar today’ as I’m holding a Mars bar”. 

When asked by Marie Claire earlier this year what her morning routine was, Claudia said: “Diet 7UP, eggs and bacon.” 

As for what she might eat for lunch, her guilty pleasure is “a toasted cheese sandwich” because it “blows my mind”. 

“And I could live off avocados,” she added. 

“I suppose being in my bed in the daytime, too… although I don’t feel guilty about it.” 

The presenter also mentioned what her Christmas Day looks like to Stylist in 2019: “I like to eat brandy butter on toast every morning – can’t recommend it enough – and will then have a pre-lunch snack of 20 After Eights followed by a handful of Quality Street.” 

And when she wants a treat? “The best meal on Earth. Tea Salon at Fortnum’s. Never leaving. Come and find me,” Claudia revealed. 

For dinner, when she is working with Tess on Strictly, they share a “takeaway after filming”. 

“Often it’s Domino’s but I have been known to eat four Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s,” Claudia told Red Magazine 2016. 

Claudia doesn’t also “believe in water”. 

“I won’t have it… I’ve never knowingly had water, I don’t like it,” she said during an interview in podcast Off The Menu. 

“When people drink it, like my husband drinks great amounts of water, and I really like him but it’s problematic… He’s glugging… I don’t think so.”

This year, Claudia admitted she had “put on weight” but is “relaxed about it”. 

“I can no longer put on anything with a button or a zip,” she told The Sun. “Any stiff closure is not going to work for me right now.

“I don’t weigh myself and I don’t care. 

“I just know that the jeans I was wearing in November would now no longer get on my arm.

 I am very relaxed about it, I genuinely am,” she commented. 

“We like eating a lot as a family and we have the two teenagers cooking, taking on different meals.

“Of course I’m going to get stuck in — and I’m going to eat it all,” Claudia remarked. 

Speaking to Gabby Logan on her Mid Point podcast, Claudia explained her dislike for exercise. 

I don’t like sweating, I don’t like movement,” she remarked. 

“I think you have to move a lot to see a difference and I’m too impatient. 

“I want to go twice and feel like Elle MacPherson. The moment they say you’ll see a difference in three months I’m out.” 

Over the years, Claudia has tried a variety of exercises: “I once went to yoga, it all smelt of smug and hummus, I can’t bear it.

“Spin I liked, very loud music and being shouted at, that was somehow erotic,” she joked. 

Over the years, Claudia has always said her favourite form of exercise is “the big afternoon nap”.

But in 2017, she did say she was “obsessed with Pyscle workouts”. 

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