Colson Smith weight loss: Corrie star shares huge 10st transformation with fitness plan

Colson Smith discusses motivation behind weight loss

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Colson Smith’s appearance has drastically changed since he first made his Coronation Street debut in 2011. The 23-year-old has lost a whopping amount of weight over the last year, documenting his progress on social media. How did he do it?

Colson Smith is only 23 but he has already had a long and successful acting career, playing one of the main characters in ITV’s Coronation Street.

But the actor has made headlines recently not for Craig Tinker’s antics, but for losing an incredible amount of weight.

While sharing his journey on social media during last year’s first national lockdown, Colson decided to make his weight loss progress even easier for people to follow by creating a documentary.

Entitled Bored of Being the Fat Kid, the short film gives fans an insight into how Colson managed to shed the pounds.

Sharing the news of his documentary on social media in June, Colson said: “In the past 14 months I’ve learnt so much about myself, most of this was learnt while wearing my trainers and pounding the pavement.

“Back in January 2020 I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting some of my days in order to keep me motivated and to look back on one day.”

The 23-year-old added: “I never planned on releasing this film, I think I was too scared for people to see me.

“I made it for myself to sit alone in my bedroom one day and almost saying ‘Well Done Colson’ But now I guess I might have the chance to maybe help someone else who was in the same position as me.

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“The documentary is all about my experiences with running, food, fitness, and weight loss.

“The film is my chance, to tell my truth, in my way.”

Colson has reportedly lost a whopping 10 stone since the beginning of the pandemic.

Speaking to The Sun back in April, when the actor was having a break from Coronation Street, he said: “We are in direct continuity, but I’ve almost lost about ten stone since we left work so I’m not sure that [my hair] is going to be the biggest of their issues.

“I might be wearing a wig and a fat suit when we go back. Now we go to a purple shampoo, which almost makes it a platinum sort of colour, which basically takes the ginger pigment out.

“So the yellow-ness will go, and I will have a head of blonde hair, which I technically do now.”

Colson lost weight thanks to plenty of exercise and a brand new food plan.

At the beginning of last year, he started running and still does so now, often posting images of himself pre- and post-run on Instagram.

He has described himself as a “complete running geek”, even though he could barely run when he first began his fitness journey.

The actor also credits rowing and weights training at the gym for his weight loss.

As for food, Colson followed a food plan with the help of life coach Rob Brennan.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on the Scottish host’s show earlier this year, he said: “We worked through everything I could do to make it as easy as possible.

“So I have my breakfast and lunches delivered, and they’re still being delivered now, which means cooking I don’t have to think about, I can just eat.

“And in terms of the gym, I’ve kind of kept in touch with the gym I’ve been going to in Manchester because they’re putting on lots of training programmes on their app.

“I’ve done the odd Joe Wicks PE, and then it’s just making the most out of the situation.”

However, Colson has stressed that the same fitness and diet plan does not work for everyone – it depends on what an individual enjoys.

Consistency is key when it comes to weight loss.

The actor told Radio One Newsbeat in June: “I don’t want to be that guy off telly who lost weight, who tells everybody how to do it.

“I see myself as a fat kid who has tried to change their life and has found that if you do it for yourself, when you put yourself first and find something you enjoy – like I have with running – it’s a darn sight easier for yourself.”

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