Colson Smith weight loss transformation: How soap star dropped 10st – ‘not on a diet’

Colson Smith discusses motivation behind weight loss

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Colson Smith has been on our screens since he was 11 years old and has undergone one of the most incredible weight loss transformations in soap history. But Coronation Street’s Craig Tinker revealed he wasn’t on a just diet when he decided to drop the pounds, he was “changing his life”.

So how did he do it?

The 23-year-old found a new confidence in an equally new passion: running.

“I don’t know how long it took me to decide that I was now a runner,” he said.

“Every run until at least May was for the benefit of losing weight, but then something clicked and it wasn’t about that any more.

“I became more interested in what running actually was.”

While sharing his journey on social media during the first national lockdown, Colson decided to make his weight loss progress even easier for people to follow by creating a documentary.

Bored of Being the Fat Kid is a short, emotive film that gives his fans an insight into how he managed to shed the pounds.

“Being the kid who was on telly definitely put a target on my head,” he explained.

“I got a hard time at school. I got a hard time for my job, and a hard time for the way I looked, so it was the worst of both worlds.”

The negative comments also followed him away from social media: “You do get people saying, ‘Oh my God you were amazing in Corrie tonight’ but I’m less likely to acknowledge that than the ones saying ‘You are literally the worst actor I’ve ever seen’.

“The comments are mostly about my appearance. I would say pretty much 99.9 percent of anything that’s written about me, I do see.”

Aside from running, the actor also does a lot of rowing and weight training at the gym which has aided his successful weight loss journey.

And as for food, Colson followed a specific diet plan with the help of life coach Rob Brennan.

He previously told Lorraine Kelly: “We worked through everything I could do to make it as easy as possible.

“So I have my breakfast and lunches delivered, and they’re still being delivered now, which means cooking I don’t have to think about, I can just eat.

“And in terms of the gym, I’ve kind of kept in touch with the gym I’ve been going to in Manchester because they’re putting on lots of training programmes on their app.

“I’ve done the odd Joe Wicks PE, and then it’s just making the most out of the situation.”

But Colson stressed that his fitness and diet plan might not work for everyone.

Instead, he suggested finding something that works for an individual and that they enjoy.

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