‘Couldn’t walk my kids to school’ Woman loses 11st with lifestyle change – ‘really helped’

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Lorraine Moss, 45, is a mother of four who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypermobility, which meant she gained a lot of weight and was unable to exercise due to her condition. Lorraine realised that she “needed to drastically take control” of her health “or I was heading down a depressing slope,” she said. The slimmer decided to have gastric bypass surgery, but how has she managed to maintain her new weight?

Lorraine shared her struggles before losing weight: “Everything was hard work.

“If I wanted a relaxing bath it would take all my energy, I couldn’t walk my kids to school, and having just turned 40 I couldn’t imagine my life just existing for potentially the next 40 years.”

The dieter admitted she followed all the diet plans out there, and “none of them worked”.

“They were great as a temporary measure but in order to make permanent changes, my whole attitude towards myself had to change,” she said.

Lorraine added: “I believe a restrictive diet (unless under medical supervision) isn’t a healthy one, because these can cause vitamin deficiencies, slower metabolism and fatigue.

“Education on basic nutrition and portion control really helped me long term.”

Lorraine lost a total of 11 stone after having her weight loss surgery and making a few changes to her lifestyle.

She explained: “While it may seem like surgery is the answer, in reality, it is just a tool.

“I knew if I was going to beat my condition and change my life I had to start exercising,” she said.

Lorraine was only able to walk the width of her local swimming pool before she found the right personal trainer for her.

She has now become a personal trainer to help people who have been on similar journeys: “A year after my surgery I found a personal trainer who helped me and understood what I was going through.

“I quickly realised there wasn’t anyone near me like them and that there must be countless others looking for support, so I decided I would become a PT.

“It’s not just about feeling good for your beach holiday, it’s about longevity and making sure you can still move well as you get older, which is what many people don’t think about,” she said.

The slimmer has managed to maintain her weight by following a balanced and healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Lorraine explained said: “I feel alive. I eat more, I enjoy every day, even though my conditions still affect me day to day, they are manageable.

“I control them and they do not define me.

“I’m now in a position to help others from my own experience.”

Lorraine explained she was “always a confident person” but she definitely enjoys certain things so much more now that she has a healthier body.

“It used to take me days to recover from a trip to the shops, so I would rarely venture out for events.

“Now I don’t hesitate, I just look forward to living my life on my terms,” she said.

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