Fitness guru’s healthy snacks for weight loss – how to ‘feed that chocolate craving’

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Diets and fitness guru Carly has over half a million followers and subscribers. The wellness and self-love coach posts workout ideas and recipe inspiration.

She discussed healthy snacks with, and has some creative suggestions.

Carly Rowena said: “Think about the things that you love.

“If you really want to have like a brownie think, ‘Okay, how could I have a brownie in a healthier way that’d be like? Maybe I can have a hot chocolate, which is going to feed that chocolate craving.'”

Carly has tips to imitate all sorts of snacks a dieter might be saving.

She said: “If you’re craving something like a Snickers bar, you can have mature dates and peanut butter.

“You can put frozen grapes in the freezer with lime juice, squeeze it over the top and it literally tastes like sour sweets. It’s really cool.

“A lot of my clients do like Greek yoghurt and then put all the things they love on the top.

“Nuts and seeds, sprinkle some dark chocolate. Whatever you want.”

The fitness expert is a busy career woman and working mum.

She told putting more time into her snacks allows her to enjoy them more and avoid the negative repercussions of eating unhealthy food.

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“I haven’t much time in the day,” she said. “So all my stuff has to be very, very quick.

“When your start putting a bit of effort into your food into your snacks, you start to enjoy them a little bit more.”

Eating healthier snacks avoids the “crash” often experienced after sugary food.

Carly said: “It’s so much easier to go to the cupboard and pick up a mince pie and eat that rather than making yourself something, I get.

“When it’s been a long day and you haven’t eaten enough because you’ve forgotten lunch or breakfast and you’re like ‘can I just grab something?’

“But, actually, take the time to have a drink of something or make something and think about how do you feel?

“What do we actually need? Is that mince pie going to just make me crash within five minutes?

“I’m going to come back and have another one, which is quite likely.

“Instead, let’s make something that’s going to keep me going.”

Another diet expert, the wife of Dr. Michael Mosley, Dr. Clare Bailey, detailed a keto breakfast recipe to “keep you going”. 

She is the author of The Fast 800 recipe books, supplementing the diet plan devised by her partner.

Her recipe involves baking eggs with delicious ingredients to make protein muffins.

Dr. Clare said: “When you are dashing out in a hurry it helps to have a few portable options for when you need it.

“One or two of these flourless savoury cheese ham and Spinach muffins from The Fast 800 Keto will keep you going for breakfast and/or lunch.”

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