Fitness tips: Full-body workout ideas with one ‘vital’ piece of equipment – ‘no gyms’

If a you’re after a quick and easy workout or wanting to set up a home gym, a versatile piece of equipment is all you need – and a kettlebell has it all. Not only are they the perfect all-round piece of equipment for starters, but they are also great for upping weightlifting gains.

Kettlebell training is on the rise and that’s because everyone can benefit from the versatile exercises.

The unique shape can offer the body a workout like never before and in a way a set of dumbbells can’t.

Users can pull, push, twist and swing them to get leaner, stronger and more powerful, and they’re easier on your wrists.

And, if a person’s creative enough, one kettlebell can replace an entire gym as the exercise capabilities are endless.

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Certified strength and conditioning coach Colin Laughlin, explained: “The kettlebell is an extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment that can be used for Olympic-style training, strength training, HIIT and mobility.”

Take a look at these handy movements one can do to tone and strengthen the body with just one singular piece of equipment.

1. Kettlebell deadlift

Deadlifts work to strengthen some of the body’s biggest muscles, working the hamstrings and glutes.

This can help increase a person’s metabolic rate, too.

Some may find it easier to deadlift with a kettlebell because of their offset weight, making the gravitational pull go straight down, instead of from side-to-side like a dumbbell.

2. Kettlebell swing

This is a popular movement as it works both the lower, middle and upper body, focusing on power, speed, strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness all at the same time.

Throughout the exercise, the core muscles should be engaged to get a full-body workout.

3. Kettlebell goblet squat

This squat variation allows a person to control the weight in front of the body.

This then increases the demand on the shoulders, core and quadriceps muscles.

4. Kettlebell push-press

Working those shoulders, this exercise uses momentum from the lower body to drive the weight overhead.

Grayson Wickham, DPT, a physical therapist and founder of Movement Vault, said: “You can go a little bit heavier than you could typically go with a strict press.”

He especially likes the single-arm variation of this exercise, since it requires more core and shoulder stability.

5. Kettlebell farmers carry

Branded “underrated” by fitness experts, this movement sees a person walk in a straight line with their chest up, shoulders slightly back, and arm close to (but not touching) the body.

It is recommended to be performed at least once a week.

“It’s an amazing exercise for creating a strong and stable midsection, which will help you maintain a healthy and stable low back,” Wickham explained.

6. Kettlebell split-stance

The split-stance is a “vital exercise” that offers a shoulder and and also a core workout, as it increase the leverage in the range of motion.

It allows a person to build even more strength in their back and biceps muscles than the standard kettlebell row alone would.

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