‘Flawless!’ How to get Queen Letizia’s ‘enviable’ look – diet, exercise and skincare tips

Jillian Michaels discusses benefits of the Mediterranean diet

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Queen Letizia is naturally beautiful, but she also works hard in terms of her diet and exercise regime in order to maintain her enviable physique. Nutrition and lifestyle coach Jenni Russell spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how non-royals can get lean like Letizia.

Jenni told Express.co.uk: “Queen Letizia’s appearance is the envy of women worldwide.

“Her posture and poise are enviable – she glides, her skin is flawless and radiates health. So how does she does she look so fabulous at 49?”

The expert credited a particular diet for the royal’s gorgeous face and figure.

“The Mediterranean plays a huge part – huge! Weather, food, siestas you name it.”

She continued: “It does help that she does not have the everyday stressors many women have to deal with and thus does not have the contradictory digestive issues that may cause her to gain weight rather than lose it.”

The royal also has access to nutritious, organic foods which have huge health and weight loss benefits.

“I doubt she will be one to snack on crisps and store bought cakes, but rather understanding the benefits of home grown fruits and vegetables in season.”

To look like Queen Letizia, slimmers can try to stay away from shop-bought processed foods where they can, instead opting for fresh ingredients.

Jenni stated: “They have wonderful hydrating foods native to their climate: mandarins, oranges, berries, tomatoes, olives, peppers etc.

“These will be the snack foods or starters and/or desserts as opposed to processed foods.

“Spanish culture is very much around food – understanding the untold benefits of olive oil, which is a major part of their staple diet.”

But looking as good as Queen Letizia does is not all down to food.

Jenni explained that Spanish culture values “the importance of a good rest” for maintaining a youthful appearance.

In addition to this, getting plenty of Vitamin D is beneficial for the Queen’s bone and structural health, hair, vitality, energy and organ health.

But Jenni assured readers that they don’t need to be a royal or live in sunny Spain in order to reap the rewards of Letizia’s lifestyle.

“Diet is purely a difference in eating this or that.

“Simply put there are only two ways to eat – to either optimise your health or minimise it.

“It is clear from her skin tone and tautness, the freshness of her face the lustre of her hair that her nutrition is the foundation of her health.”

As for exercise, Jenni predicted that Queen Letizia gets a lot of it.

“In terms of movement I would believe she would do tai chi or chi gong.

“She possibly runs – off road – and maybe horse rides too.

“She would have a trainer who would focus on exercises that enhance posture – the position from where all movement begins and ends.”

However, the expert believed the Queen probably stays away from “boxing fads and crazes” that can “reduce good posture”.

Finally: “Having access to magnificent outdoor spaces, friends and/or family that helps keep her serotonin levels high goes a long way to keeping her life balanced and beautiful.”

Jenni concluded: “If you want to live Queen Letizia’s life, make these changes to start with – they will go a long way to keeping you youthful at any age. She is a walking testimony to that.”

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