Gloria Hunniford weight loss: TV star ditched one food to shed an impressive two stone

Gloria Hunniford is best known for appearing on shows including Rip Off Britain and Loose Women. Tonight, she will put her knowledge to the test as she appears on the BBC show, Pointless Celebrities. Some may have noticed her impressive new frame in recent years, how did she slim down?


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Gloria was first inspired to lose weight when she discovered she was at risk of getting diabetes.

The presenter made changes to her lifestyle in a bid to improve her health.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “While I was in hospital, I had my blood tested quite a few times and one of the things that kept coming back was my blood sugar being too high.

“I had already cut down my sugar intake, as I was aware of the problem from previous check-ups with my GP.

“I was told it was either diet or develop diabetes. So, out of something bad came information that led to my avoiding something considerably worse.”

Weighing in at ten stone and with a frame of just 5ft 3in, she wore a size 12 or 14.

Gloria added: “I was never vastly overweight but like a lot of women, I would go through periods of cutting down fat and once went to Weight Watchers and lost some weight there.”

However, the TV host made a more dramatic change to her diet to achieve her weight loss goals.

She explained: “As soon as I cut out carbs, the weight just fell off – it was quite remarkable. I didn’t change my diet for that reason but it’s a happy by-product.”

The presenter cut sugar and carbs out of her diet to achieve her weight loss transformation.

Instead, she stayed full by filling up on high-protein foods including eggs, yogurt and soups.

Gloria said: “I used to eat an awful lot of bread as I’d have toast in the morning, too.


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“I’d often have pasta or rice for dinner but now in the evening I’ll have chunky vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower with meat or fish and no potatoes.

“For dessert I might have a bit of cheese but without the biscuits. Or fruit, although I was advised to avoid grapes, bananas and melon which are high in sugar content.”

“Buy things you can nibble on that aren’t sugary – I get Greek yogurt, celery and goat’s cheese.

“Nuts are also great for a snack; whenever I’m travelling I always pack myself a bag of cashews.”

Soon, Gloria noticed the weight fall off and she shed a total of two stone and slimmed to a trim 8st 7lb.

The Loose Women panelist has previously said she will make sure to filling up on vegetables at mealtimes.

She will also make sure to check food labels for hidden ingredients and avoid low-fat foods.

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