Gut health tips recommended by experts to avoid stomach issues this Christmas

Dr Amir shares benefits of lentils for gut health

The holiday season can tempt people to veer away from their usual eating routines as most seek to indulge in delicious Christmas meals and treats.

However, for those prioritising their gut health, adhering to a regular eating schedule and sticking to good habits remains at the centre of their diet.

The frequent deviation from typical eating habits, particularly during the holiday season with its abundance of snacks and large meals, has the potential to disturb digestive regularity and bowel control. This disruption may lead to an uptick in instances of stomach upset.

While indulging in special meals, it is advisable to strike a balance by maintaining a consistent meal routine, according to experts at the Incontinence Shop.

This approach helps prevent unexpected surprises from your stomach when you least anticipate them.

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The Christmas diet, particularly during the festive dinner, provides an excellent opportunity to savour a diverse range of fibre-rich foods, including an abundance of vegetables and fruits.

Beyond merely a handful of Brussels sprouts, aim to load your plate with an array of carrots, parsnips, green beans, and other fibre-packed options.

These fibrous foods can be considered superheroes for your gut, ensuring smooth digestive processes, promoting bowel health, and delivering a wealth of essential nutrients.

Embracing this variety not only enhances the holiday dining experience but also contributes to overall well-being.

Cold weather often discourages outdoor activities in winter. However, even a brisk walk can be instrumental in strengthening pelvic floor muscles, crucial components for maintaining bladder and bowel control.

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The holiday season, while joyous, can contribute to stress, potentially worsening incontinence symptoms.

Engaging in stress-reduction practices like meditation, gentle yoga, or simply taking a quiet moment for yourself can have a positive impact on both gut health and incontinence.

Emphasising the importance of good quality rest, the experts said: “The excitement of Christmas can disrupt our sleep patterns.

“And whilst a couple of late nights are expected throughout the festive period, this can be bad news for those living with some form of poor bowel health or incontinence.

“Try to stick to a calm bedtime routine where you can during the holiday madness – this will help you get good sleep and keep things moving regularly.”

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