‘Happier & healthier’: How woman fit back into wedding dress without relying on the scale

Nurse Tanya praises BioSynergy products

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Weight loss occurs when the body is in a calorie deficit, meaning consuming fewer calories than burning. Some slimmers like to follow certain plans as well as incorporating an exercise routine into their journey, like Tanya who saw huge visual differences after just 12 weeks.

Tanya, who is an NHS nurse, decided to lose weight when she realised her wedding dress didn’t fit her anymore.

With the help of a coach and using the Bio-Synergy DNA kit, Tanya managed to lose inches off of her body.

The company also has a meal delivery programme, to help people portion control.

Tanya said: “The biggest motivation to start on the journey to becoming a better me was my wedding day and wanting to feel amazing in my dress that I had already purchased.

“I fell in love with the dress and brought it pre-pandemic for our original wedding date. 

“We had to change dates three times and within this time, my body shape changed and my dress did not fit me.

“I knew I had put on weight and become unfit and developed an unhealthy relationship with food, but this was definitely the turning point for me when I had to make some changes.”

Although Tanya didn’t see huge results when she stood on the scale, the nurse saw a huge visual difference in herself.

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She added: “I started really focussing on my progression in March and our wedding day was at the beginning of August. 

“Over the 12 weeks the scales themselves hardly moved. However, the difference in appearance I can see is amazing.

“I took weekly measurements and did not rely on the number on the scale. In total I lost 21cm around my belly button, 11cm from my hips and waist and 6cm from each thigh. So there was a big visual improvement but just three kg less on the scales.”

This tends to happen when the body is losing fat but gaining muscle, meaning weight is being lost and replaced with muscle.

Tanya went on: “I worked closely with a coach on a 12 week programme to help me maintain accountability and used a Bio-Synergy DNA kit to help with a road map.

“Kate was amazing and supportive throughout the 12 weeks and has given me lots of guidance so I can continue to progress even after the wedding day.

“I used my DNA results and food tracking app to help ensure I had a small calorie deficit, and that I was eating plenty of protein which included Bio-Synergy shakes, this helped to support my goals of losing body fat and building muscle, plus performing well during workouts and getting fitter and stronger.

“Kate guided me through the 80:20 ethos to make sure that I ate at least 80 percent whole foods but also had some flexibility for up to 20 percent soul foods and could enjoy all the social engagements such as hen parties and family gatherings.

“I initially worked out at home with just some small dumbbells and workout programme. Then as I felt more confident I started going back to the gym three times a week and doing other sessions still at home. 

“I aimed for six different sessions a week and these ranged from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.”

Although exercise doesn’t directly result in weight loss, it can help a slimmer to provide the body with a bigger calorie deficit.

Exercise is also crucial in maintaining a healthy diet and the NHS recommends regular activity.

Some people even aim for 10,000 steps a day to help stay active.

The nurse said: “I now have my love for exercise back. I have the confidence to go into the gym on my own and workout. I have started pole dancing classes again and hope to restart calisthenics sessions once I have developed a bit more strength.

“I feel healthier and happier. I was the happiest girl in the world on my wedding day. 

“This was hugely because I finally got to marry my soul mate, but also by the fact that I felt like an absolute princess in my beautiful dress which fit perfectly on the big day.”

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