‘I lost five stone eating pizza and wedges’: Woman enjoys favourite foods ‘guilt-free’

Studio Figura owner Sylwia looks back on her weight loss journey

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Sadie’s changed her lifestyle in January 2021, when she felt that her appearance had started to get her down. Eleven months later, she is 5 stone lighter and so much happier.

She said: “Before losing the weight, I was so unhappy – I had zero confidence and felt trapped in my own body. The final straw was not liking how I looked in photos; I used this as motivation to start my weight loss journey.”

Like many people do at the start of each year, Sadie embarked on a health kick.

A foodie at heart, Sadie previously enjoyed takeaways and often ordered food in as opposed to cooking.

One of the big changes she made was limiting takeaways to “once or twice a month as a treat with friends or family’, and being mindful of her food choices the rest of the time.

Sadie opted for “healthy alternatives” such as The Skinny Food Co, which provides dieters with food that is low in sugar and calories but doesn’t compromise on taste.

The Skinny Food Co allowed Sadie to incorporate her favourite treat foods into her now healthier diet – “guilt-free”.

She completely overhauled her diet, starting with breakfast.

Before starting her weight loss journey, Sadie would eat toast, or skip breakfast all together.

Now, she enjoys a filling bowl of protein porridge with The Skinny Food Co spread and fruit.

Breakfast kickstarts our metabolism and avoiding it encourages people to overeat later in the day; they don’t call it “the most important meal of the day” for nothing.

She swapped her cheese toasties or meal deal lunches for tuna bagels with popped (not fried) crisps.

For dinner, she would opt for something like The Skinny Food Co Fakeaway Beef & Chilli Wedges with a sprinkling of cheese and occasional portion of rice, or make alternative pizzas with tortilla wraps.

This would replace takeaways, pizza and chips, which had little to no nutritious value.

Allowing herself to still enjoy snacks, she chose protein bars or Snack a Jacks as opposed to chocolate bars, crisps and sweets.

She said: “I’ve definitely bettered myself as a person and I’m a lot happier since losing the weight and working on myself. I’m still learning to put myself first but finding alternative products that have allowed me to keep treats in my diet made it easier and gave me that extra push!”

But it wasn’t just her diet Sadie completely transformed, as she also started incorporating fitness into her life.

“Before I started my journey, I didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym, but now I have a clear exercise routine and get a good workout in before starting work, which helps get me mentally ready for the day. I also play netball and wanted to push myself to become a better player and play for a higher team (which I have now achieved!).”

After a few months of hard work Sadie slipped a little but managed to get back on track with the help of an online fitness coach, Claire Louise Herd – @join_theherd, who held her accountable and pushed her to her limits.

“Now, I train in the gym at least four times a week, for around an hour each time. In the gym, I do a mixture of cardio and weights, for example squats and deadlifts – I love training with weights!”

Her advice to others who want to transform their bodies is to change their lifestyle to a “healthier and more balanced one”.

She urged others to “start now”, but make small, “manageable” changes so as to not “shock” their bodies.

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