‘I was eating three course dinners every day, now I’ve lost half my bodyweight’

Jennifer Brown, 41, has battled with her weight for as long as she can remember, reaching a staggering 24st 6lbs and wearing a US size 24 at her heaviest. It was during her pregnancy when Jennifer was diagnosed with gestational diabetes that she realised she needed to make a drastic change.

However, breaking free from her regular McDonald’s lunches and indulgent three-course dinners proved to be a challenge. It wasn’t until a health check revealed high blood sugar levels that she finally found the motivation she needed.

Taking matters into her own hands, Jennifer started keeping a food diary and made significant changes to her diet. She cut out fizzy drinks and large portions, resulting in an impressive weight loss of 6st 5lbs. But she didn’t stop there. Jennifer also turned to a weight loss drug called Mounjaro, also known as Tirzepatide, to assist her in shedding the extra pounds.

Now weighing a svelte 12st 7lbs and fitting into a US size 10, Jennifer’s transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Her wedding dress, which once engulfed her, now hangs loosely on her slim frame.

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Jennifer said: “I’ve lost an entire person from my body. I’ve tired on tops that barely fit me before – now they are like a dress on me. I can’t believe that I’m here.”

However, Jennifer emphasised her newfound health and wellbeing are far more important than her appearance. She said: ““I have a couple of core memories on my wedding day when I looked at my reflection and said out loud to myself how beautiful I felt. And that’s all that matters. But I am healthier now. My health is more important than how I look in a swimsuit.”

Jennifer’s determination to transform her life stemmed from her concern about her ability to care for her son, Maddox, aged nine, and step-daughter, Cameron, aged 21, after being diagnosed with high blood sugar levels in 2019. Her husband, Jeff, 46, a shift supervisor at an ethanol refinery, also experienced a heart attack at the age of 41, which further motivated Jennifer to make positive changes.

Gone are the days when Jennifer would come home to a heavy meal of steak, potatoes, salad with ranch dressing, bread, and ice cream. She has replaced these indulgences with healthier options, such as a pork chop and vegetables.

Jennifer said: “I was a binge eater. I would eat out of boredom or emotionally. I never felt the feeling of fullness or satisfaction.

“I could go to a restaurant and eat an appetiser, main, desert and still be able to have something later. I basically had a three course meal every dinner.”

Through adopting a healthier eating pattern and incorporating regular walks into her routine, Jennifer managed to lose an impressive 6st 5lbs. However, she hit a plateau and struggled to shed any more weight. It was then that she turned to the weight loss drug Mounjaro, which proved to be a game-changer, helping her reach her current weight of 12st 7lbs.

Jennifer’s journey towards a healthier lifestyle didn’t stop at weight loss. She also embraced running as part of her daily exercise routine and can now run 5k effortlessly. She said: “I can run miles. I can climb mountains. I get to play catch with my son and be present in his life. I’m showing him it matter to take care of yourself.”

While Jennifer allows herself the occasional sweet treat, she practices moderation and opts for a smaller portion of ice cream instead of her previous indulgent order of a hot fudge sundae with brownie and cherries on top. She said it is important to maintain balance in her life.

Throughout her journey, Jennifer’s husband, Jeff, has been her “biggest supporter”. With just 10lbs left to lose before reaching her goal weight, Jennifer remains optimistic and grateful for her improved health and the ability to do things she couldn’t do before.

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Weight before – 24st 6lbs
Size before – US 24

Weight now – 12st 7lbs
Size now – US 10

Before Diet
Breakfast – Full coffee and a doughnut
Lunch – McDonalds large mac, fries and a coke and a McChicken sandwich
Dinner – “Three course dinner” – Steak, potato, salad and ranch dressing, bread and ice cream for dessert
Snacks – Swiss roll

After diet
Breakfast – Protein shake and pre workout drink
Lunch – Tuna salad
Dinner – Pork chop, vegetables such a broccoli and cauliflower
Snacks – Apple and peanut butter

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