Joe Pasquale gets lean by cutting down on 1 thing ahead of nude TV show ‘It was worth it’

Loose Women: Joe Pasquale reveals how he lost weight

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TV watchers may recognise Joe from his own show, The Joe Pasquale Show, which was launched in 1996. He then went on to win I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2004 and came in sixth place on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.

60-year-old Joe Pasquale is in great shape, thanks to cutting out sugar and dedicating himself to the gym.

Joe Pasquale spoke to Loose Women in 2017 about his dramatic weight loss.

The comedian told the panel that his outlook on life changed when his mother died 20 years prior.

“She went really quickly and really suddenly, and I realised my own mortality, which is why I’m trying to make everything count every day.”

To lose weight, he cut out sugar, which he admitted “raised my energy levels.

“With no sugar rush, there’s no lows after it.”

He referred to the “traffic light system” on packets of food: “If it’s not in the green on the sugar I don’t eat it.”

The first few days of eating no sugar were not easy, leaving Joe with a “permanent headache” for two days.

But after the initial difficulty, he found that eating healthily was a “great way of life” and made him “feel better” too.

However, he did admit that his weakness is sugary “wine gums”.

He also still eats meat and revealed that he still likes “a bacon sandwich”.

Although, he became more aware of where his food was coming from.

It wasn’t just a healthy diet that landed Joe a dream body, as he also prioritised going to the gym almost every day.

He took to Loose Women again in 2019 to further delve into his physic

al transformation.

He told them that he recently completed Ant Middleton’s SAS programme Mind Over Muscle.

“It nearly killed me, I couldn’t walk for a week, but it was worth it, it was great.”

He credited his weight loss to “not eating wine gums, not eating chips”, and going to the gym “five or six days per week”.

He had a healthy relationship with working out, making sure to do it for “only an hour a day”.

In 2019 Joe participated in The All New Monty, which required him to go completely nude for a dance performance, to raise awareness for cancer, which his dad had sadly been diagnosed with it.

He told Loose Women: “I thought, if I’ve got to stand next to Ashley Banjo and have everything out, I don’t want my belly to be the only thing they’re looking at.”

Joe joked that he’s “turned into Tom Hardy” in later life.

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