John Higgins weight loss: Snooker star on losing 3.5st – ‘it’s for my whole wellbeing’

Dr Michael Mosley on the benefits of exercise

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John Higgins, 36, has been competing in the snooker Masters tournament since it began earlier this week. Today’s games will be shown at 7pm this evening on BBC Two.

While watching John play today, viewers will be reminded of the snooker champion’s incredible weight loss journey last year.

The Scotsman lost an impressive three and a half stone thanks to a major change to his lifestyle.

He did this in less than seven months, starting his weight loss journey in April 2021.

By October the same year, he had slimmed down to 12 stone.

The father-of-three decided he needed to lose weight after piling on the pounds during lockdown.

John reduced his calorie intake and cut out alcohol to begin losing weight.

However, his biggest lifestyle change was increasing his exercise.

He credited static bikes and, particularly, spinning for his weight loss transformation.

John told the Sun in October 2021: “It’s not helping me pot balls but it is helping me lose weight.

“I just seem to be a little bit addicted to them. I go three or four times a week.

“I enjoy getting up in the morning and doing an hour of training.

“It will be tough because when I am starting to travel to tournaments again I will need to find some spin classes there or go on the bikes in the hotels.”

The 46-year-old continued: “A lot of the boys do running and that is easier.

“I’ll need to have a scout about different cities to see if there are any spin classes there.

“I’ve lost about three and half stone.

“I was 15 and a half stone at the Crucible and now I’m down to about 12.”

As for his mental health, John added: “I do feel a bit better but I’ll wait and see.

“It isn’t going to be the reason I’ll pot balls better.

“It is for my whole wellbeing really.

“I was too heavy for how small of a guy I am.”

However, John admitted he didn’t at first “see it” in himself, adding: “It is amazing. I couldn’t see that I was getting steadily bigger.

“You are happy with your life and who do you have to look good for?

“I have my wife and my kids.

“It is a good thing I’ve started doing it.”

Spinning can be a brilliant way to lose weight as it is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which helps slimmers to create a calorie deficit.

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