Kirstie Allsopp shares ‘key’ to weight loss after feeling ‘irresponsible’ – ‘had to go’

Kirstie Allsopp admits she doesn't like 'mean' reputation

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Kirstie Allsopp, 50, co-presents Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It on Channel Four. The hosts go head-to-head as they try to convince homeowners to either sell or refurbish their houses.

Kirstie began her weight loss journey in her early 40s when she realised she was slowly piling on the pounds.

The broadcaster knew that it was more likely for women over 40 to have health implications, compared to their younger counterparts.

Being overweight, especially when middle-aged or older, can lead to serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer, and stroke, according to the NHS.

For women, the menopause doesn’t help when it comes to weight gain.

Low levels of oestrogen and testosterone can lead to a loss of muscle and a lower metabolism.

This is why it is important for women going through menopause to focus on a healthier diet and lifestyle.

When she was in her early 40s, Kirstie decided to lose weight because she “decided that I was being irresponsible as a parent and a partner, and it had to go”.

The mother-of-two told Mail Online: “I do not leave the house without having breakfast.

“What is key is having five hours between meals and not having anything except water during those five hours.”

According to Healthline, there is little research to show if it is better to eat or skip breakfast when wanting to lose weight.

However, eating breakfast is a good way for slimmers to add foods that are rich in nutrients to their diet.

An avocado and egg in a wholegrain tortilla wrap could be a good option, or a Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts.

As for drinking plenty of water throughout the day, this is paramount for overall health, but also keeps slimmers feeling fuller for longer.

Kirstie also swapped carbohydrates for vegetables to slim down.

“For me, one of my things is that potatoes don’t suit me,” she told The Sun.

“I don’t eat them anymore. And aubergines don’t agree with me. Wine doesn’t agree with me so now I drink vodka martinis.

“I really eat more greens. I order two salads now.

“I haven’t really been a pasta person for a while. It’s viewing vegetables as carbs. It’s always the beans, the broccoli – there’s no need for potatoes.”

Kirstie also began to do regular exercise workouts to shed the pounds.

She added: “On a working day, I get up at 6.15am and I’m straight into my exercise kit for a workout.

“I run up hills and then walk down them.

“At 7am I wake the kids.”

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