Lose 10lbs in a year by giving up key drink – claims

This Morning: Early menopause sufferer explains symptoms

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Women tend to gain weight during perimenopause due to various factors. But there are some foods and drinks they can avoid to combat this mid-life issue and lose fat fast.

Why do women tend to gain weight when they experience menopause?

The change is inevitable, and often the perfect storm, for perimenopausual women.

A slowing of metabolism due to age, in addition to hormonal changes incuding an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin, can lead to explosive fat gain around the waist.

But, perimenopausal women should not despair, as there are some things they can do to make their weight loss journey easier.

Dr. Erik Richardson suggested that their are certain drinks slimmers can avoid to “move them closer to their goals”.

According to the expert, where many people go wrong on their diets is that they drink their calories without even realising.

Dr Erik told dieters that sugary drinks are one of the main causes of weight gain and “one of the worst things for you”.

He stated: “One can a day of a non-diet soda can add about 10lbs on the average person in a year.

“They have a lot of calories but the brain doesn’t recognise it as food so it doesn’t make you feel full and you’re much more likely to overdo it on your calories in a very big way.”

Instead, the doctor recommended reaching for a cold water beverage with a slice of lemon.

In a similar vein, fruit juice can often “trick” slimmers in that they think it is nutritious, when in fact they are often full of sugar.

Fruit is a “very healthy” way to manage our sweet tooths when eaten whole.

However, fruit in juice form is often combined with other ingredients that are not so good, such as sugar.

But even when it is 100 percent juice, the process the fruit goes through in juicing removes the pulp and fibre.

This means that it is much “easier for your body to absorb the sugars, increasing your insulin and making you gain weight”.

Dr Erik continued: “If you want to lose weight, you have to avoid the high-calorie coffee drinks. Starbucks is not your friend.

“One of the biggest offenders on their menu is the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

“Their large beverage comes in at a whopping 590 calories. It has 26 grams of fat and 76 grams of sugar.”

What’s more, the calories in these flavoured coffees have little to no nutritional value.

While a sweet and syrupy coffee is fine on occasion, it shouldn’t be a daily purchase for perimenopausal women who want to lose weight.

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