Man reveals how he lost almost 7 stone and shed belly fat for six pack abs

The weight loss diet plan followed by this man helped him to lose an impressive seven stone.

Using the username D-Rob67, the internet user revealed the transformation took place over four years.

He began at a weight of 18.7 stone, before shrinking down to first 12 stone.

Then, the fitness fan added an impressive stone of muscle, going up to 13.4 stone.

Weight loss diet plan: How to shed belly fat and lose 7 stone according to dieter who did it

So how did this Reddit user do it? He revealed that he began the journey at school.

“It all started my senior year of high school after football ended in January of 2015,” he said.

“I was 263 and hated it. I needed to lose weight so I started with what knowledge I had.”

He initially lose weight by dieting, but now he feels he would do things different.

“I stupidly thought I should stop lifting weights while I lost weight so that I could restart once I was ‘skinny’. Biggest regret of the whole thing. I went a year without lifting and lost a lot of muscle,” he said.

It was when he began lifting weights that he saw the biggest change in his physique.

D-Rob67 said: “I started lifting lightly in 2016 but never made much progress until Spring of 2017 when I really started to lift hard.

“By May of 2018, (middle picture) I had lost a lot of fat and had packed some muscle back on.

“From there I decided to bulk which got me where I am now. I bulked up through last summer and this past winter to 188lbs.”

Now the Reddit user is hoping to cut down, and is limiting his diet to do so.

He explained: “I’ve been eating 1800 calories a day and my macros are 180g of protein, 160g of carbs, and 50g of fat.

“My workout regiment is 3-4 days of heavy lifting and 3-4 days of cardio (mostly HIIT but some steady state here and there).” (sic)

Another Reddit user revealed the weight loss diet plan she used to lose five stone. 

She revealed she eats a diet plan high in protein and low in refine carbs.

“A typical day looks like this,” she said, “1 egg and fruit for breakfast grilled chicken, cauliflower rice, and broccoli for lunch and something similar for dinner.

“Some form of protein and veggie and maybe one other side. And for snacks I usually do cheese, granola, fruit, chips and hummus, etc. :)”

One weight loss drink thank could help dieter lose weight has, surprisingly, been revealed to be wine. 

Drinking wine at night can stop the body from storing fat cells, according to research at Washington State University and Harvard.

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