Meghan Markle’s diet and exercise regime to keep fit

In an old interview, Meghan Markle sat down with Shape Magazine for its Fit and Famous video series, where she was asked about her diet and exercise routine whilst being an actress on Suits. The Duchess of Sussex credited jogging, Moksha yoga, and fitness DVDs for keeping in shape and revealed what she likes to eat during the week.

Interviewer Bahar Takhtehchian asked Meghan: “What do you do to stay in such fantastic shape?”

“Thank you for saying that,” Meghan replied. “I love running but I think you have to find a workout routine that really speaks to you beyond trying to get goals for your body.

“So for me, running is I need it as much for my head and to clear my head as for keeping in shape. I love to jog.

“I do a lot of hot yoga, Moksha yoga specifically and then Pilates at Pilates Platinum in LA.”

Moksha yoga is a form of hot yoga that was founded in 2004 by two Canadian yoga instructors. Hot yoga is a “vigorous form of exercise yoga that is practised in a heated studio”, and “includes more than 40 different poses with its foundation in traditional yoga”.

It is said to offer “a cardiovascular workout, yet reduces stress by calming the mind”, because the heated room “detoxifies the body through sweat” and “relaxes the muscles for safe stretching”.

Those participating in a 90-minute Moksha yoga class can burn up to 700 calories.

When it comes to other forms of exercise, Meghan was then asked if she has a personal trainer or trains herself.

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She replied: “Yes, I do it all on my own, I do [fitness] DVDs at home or I go for a run by myself, I think if you can self-motivate that’s half the battle.”

In terms of her at-home workouts, the actress added: “I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson DVDs, gosh for, five, six years almost now.

“I just find the results are great and you can do 15 minutes in my trailer – just find those little bits of time and at the end of the day you’ve had a full workout.”

Tracy Anderson is the founder of The Method – a “revolutionary method that can give anyone – regardless of their genetic background – the physical and mental results they desire”.

Tracy references “strong, lean muscles” as a result of her workouts as well as “creating balance where there is an imbalance in the body”.

In addition to working out, Meghan revealed her nutritional habits: “I definitely try to eat as clean as possible,” referencing the Clean Cleanse programme.

“I try to avoid the things that are going to make me feel lethargic and sluggish. I eat mostly veggies and fish, but I am also a foodie! So on the weekend, all bets are off.

“I think if you deprive yourself of anything you’re just going to crave it more. For me, it’s finding that balance, eating really good in the week and then treating yourself to whatever it is you want over the weekend.

“Last night I had the best food, a great burger, I love fries – but then you find ways to still make that healthy; have sweet potato fries or bake them.

“And I definitely love good Italian food and Mexican food – again California girl having a lot of fish tacos!”

Meghan said she “loves to cook” and “every day I’m cooking something, even if it’s a pesto that I’m putting in the fridge for later in the week”.

As for what “being in shape means” to Meghan, she explained: “Feeling confident, being as healthy as you can and I guess owning whatever it is you have – being happy with your size and being kind to yourself – and love yourself.”

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