Menopause weight loss: Recommended foods to eat to shed pounds – ‘don’t demonise fats’

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Trying to lose weight while going through the menopause may seem like an uphill battle, but there are experts on hand to help. And the good news is there are things women can do to help and prevent menopausal weight gain for good.

Women’s health expert Jackie Lynch, founder of the WellWellWell Nutrition Clinic, offered her top tips on what women can do in order to achieve their weight loss goals, revealing there are some foods that menopausal women should think about incorporating into their diet.

She said: “It’s a good idea to eat foods that activate the satiety response, which tells you when you’re full.

“These will be rich in protein and fats.”

She suggested consuming foods like nuts and avocado which are often seen as high in fat, something she reassured isn’t a bad thing.

“A very low-fat diet isn’t going to help your cause,” she warned.

“The biochemical response of the body to eating foods containing fat isn’t to turn it into fat, amongst other things, it’s to create sex hormones.

“However, it will turn excess carbohydrate into fat, so this is the quickest way to gain weight.”

She continued to tell Henpicked: “Obviously you don’t want too much of anything but you shouldn’t demonise fat.

“Foods with protein often also contain fat, and will keep you fuller for longer.”

Jackie also recommended keeping a food diary, in order to keep track of what people are eating.

“People often don’t realise how much they’re eating,” she explained.

“It’s all-too-easy to grab something from the fridge without counting that.”

For snacks, she suggested trying a piece of fruit with a palmful of nuts, humous and carrot sticks, or peanut butter and apple.

Foods high in protein and fibre can help curb cravings and the need to snack on unhealthy foods.

“If you’re craving severely then your stress hormones are determining your food choices and not your brain,” she said.

“Your hormones will win every time.”

She explained that to prevent weight gain, women should eat complex carbs, which are rich in fibre, and also add in protein.

Jackie stated that it will keep blood sugar stable and will ultimately keep people going for longer.

“Go back to that basic principle, the protein and fibre with every meal and snack,” she said.

“If you get a sweet craving after your meal try something like liquorice tea.

“This will satisfy your craving and help balance your blood sugar, too.”

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