Menopause weight loss: The breakfast switch to ensure rapid weight loss – it ‘will help’

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Weight gain can be challenging at any age but during the menopause it can be relentless. Women over the age of 40 will usually notice fat gathering in their midsection and experts have suggested one thing that can help them deal with it.

Breakfast is often considered by many the most important meal as it sets people up for the day.

And while people might be thinking that just eating breakfast will help them lose weight in the long-run, quite often it’s what they are eating that is the problem.

It’s time to ditch the pastries or sugary cereals as dieticians have advised that switching to a particular food could make a difference.

“Replacing your morning breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal is a simple way you can help jumpstart your weight loss efforts,” said registered dietician Trista Best at Balance One Supplements.

“This is especially beneficial if you are eating breakfast pastries or high-fat, sugary breakfasts.”

She explained: “Oatmeal is loaded with fibre, which will help keep you feeling full for longer as well as help to prevent glucose spikes.

“Both of these side effects will help with weight loss by preventing overeating and rapid fat storage.”

Not only do oats promote weight loss, they have a host of other health benefits, too.

These include:

Lower blood sugar

Lower cholesterol levels

Promotes healthy bacteria in the gut

Reduced constipation

Relieves skin itching and irritation.

And as oats are quite bland, women can spice them up with a host of other menopause-friendly foods, such as berries, flax and yogurt.

MenoMe, a website dedicated to helping women tackle the menopause, suggested making overnight oats as a way of incorporating the healthy carb into a woman’s diet.

Their website states: “Overnights oats are endlessly customisable and the perfect accompaniment to other menopause-magical foods like nuts and seeds (good fats, proteins, omega-3 essential fatty acids) and fruit like bananas, berries and kiwifruit (antioxidants and fibre).

“These are fantastic because you can make a big batch for the week and store it in the fridge.

“Make them plain and add toppings later or include things like chia and flaxseeds in your basic oats mixture.”

It’s the higher calorie add-ons that people need to be aware of.

Registered dietitian and media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Roxana Ehsani, explained people are at risk of overeating their daily calories by piling on sweet toppings.

She said: “If you eat oatmeal and add sweetness like brown sugar, honey and/or maple syrup, you’re increasing the amount of total calories and bumping up the total carbohydrates amount as well.”

Doing this can also cause a person’s blood sugar to rise “too high”.

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