Pippa Middleton’s ‘favourite’ exercises for a slim physique – ‘Tone up by summer’

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Pippa Middleton leads a very active lifestyle and she has shared her favourite exercises and top tips for anyone looking to “tone up by summer”. The British socialite disusses finding sports and activities that don’t feel like exercise as well as a few exercises that can be incorportated into everyday life to improve upper-body strength. 

Pippa asked readers: “Do you like playing tennis? Perhaps you enjoy cycling or orienteering, running around in the garden with the kids, or just jumping freely on a trampoline to bring out your inner youth. 

“If you’re looking for some form of cardiovascular exercise to increase your aerobic fitness, it’s vital to find something you enjoy as you’re more likely to continue with it long term. 

“Any physical activity will bring out those happy endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, which will help you approach life’s daily stresses and strains with positive energy. 

“A good aim is to do an activity for at least 30 minutes at an easy pace before increasing the intensity. 

“Fresh air, scenery and nature can all add to that feel-good factor, so exercising outdoors will invigorate the soul and flush the cheeks for a healthy glow.” 

She continued: “Check whether your local park has an outdoor gym, and make the most of your natural resources and surroundings, such as a local footpath or trail route. 

“You could even do my push-up routine using just a park bench.” 

Week four of her 10-week tone-up plan with Waitrose Magazine focuses on enchancing chest muscles. 

Pippa said: “Here are some of my favourite push-up exercises that will help you tone your pectoral muscles by summer.”

Full push-up – targets the chest and activates the core

1. Start in a high plank position with your wrists under your shoulders and feet together. 

2. Lower your upper body towards the floor, keeping your upper body in a straight line. 

3. Use your arms to press back up when your chest is near to the floor. 

If this is too difficult, Pippa recommends moving your feet wider apart – see below. 

Wide push-up – shortens the body length, making it easier to perform a push-up

1. Start in a push-up position, your wrists should be under your shoulders and your body in a straight line. Take your feet out wide too. 

2. Lower your body to the floor. 

3. Pause when your chest nearly touches the ground and push back to the start. 

4. Gradually, bring your feet closer together until you can perform a full push-up.

Incline push-up – targets the lower portion of the pectoral (chest)

1. A bench, window legde or sturdy box would work well for this exercise. 

2. Place your hands on a raised platform and extend your legs behind you. 

3. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the platform, keeping your torso straight. 

4. Push back up to the start and repeat.  

Decline push-up – targets the upper portion of the pectoral (chest) muscle

1. A bench, window legde or sturdy box would work well for this exercise.

2. Crouch facing away from a platform and place your hands shoulder-width apart. 

3. Put one foot at a time on the platform behind you until legs are extended. 

4. Engage your abs and push your body off the floor. 

5. Lower chest to the floor and repeat. 

Aim to do between 12 and 15 reps, for three sets per exercise. 

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