Prince Charles promotes vegan diet – ‘I don’t eat dairy products on one day a week’

Prince Charles reveals changes to his diet to help environment

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Prince Charles appeared on the Big Interviews on BBC this morning to discuss the environment and what people can do to lower their carbon footprint. The Prince of Wales has long been an advocate for the environment and sustainability and appeared on the BBC programme to discuss what people can do to alter their diet to help save the planet. Prince Charles said: “The business of what we eat of course is important.

“For years I haven’t eaten meat and fish on two days a week and I don’t eat dairy products on one day a week.

“Now I mean that’s one way to do it – if more did that you would reduce a lot of the pressure on the environment and everything else.

“Because you see the thing about meat is very important – where does it come from, how is it grown?

“So if it’s grass-based and from the right breeds, you know if it is better quality but eaten less often – that approach to farming is less damaging than the industrialised approach with intensive everything, and causing huge pressures and damage.”

The Prince acknowledged how difficult it is for most people to reduce their carbon footprint. 

He said he had changed his diet to reduce his impact on the environment and urged others to do the same.   

By not eating meat and fish on two days each week and no dairy products on another day, the Prince believes this is a good approach to helping the environment.   

The Prince of Wales also told the BBC he understands why campaigners from organisations like Extinction Rebellion take to the streets to demand action on climate change.

However, he said actions like blocking roads “isn’t helpful”.

But Charles said he totally understood the “frustration” climate campaigners felt.

The Prince went on to warn royal watchers of the “catastrophic” impact if more ambitious action is not taken on climate change.

Speaking in the gardens of his house in Birkhall on the Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, the Prince said it had taken too long for the world to wake up to the risks of climate change. 

Prince Charles also claimed he is worried world leaders will “just talk” when they meet in Glasgow in November for a crucial UN climate conference. 

“The problem is to get action on the ground,” he said.

Asked if he sympathised with Greta Thunberg, the Prince of Wales said: ”Of course I do, yes.

“All these young people feel nothing is ever happening so of course, they’re going to get frustrated. 

“I totally understand because nobody would listen and they see their future being totally destroyed.”

When asked if the UK government was doing enough to combat climate change, the Prince replied:  ”I couldn’t possibly comment.”

The interview took place in Prince George’s Wood, a garden the Prince of Wales has created in the gardens of Birkhall on the Balmoral estate.

He planted the first tree when Prince George, his oldest grandchild, was born.

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