Queen Camilla says she’s ‘too old’ for Princess Anne’s favourite sport

Queen Camilla, 75, admitted she’s been pushed to abandon one of her favourite pastimes – horseriding. During her state visit to Germany last week, the 75-year-old said to some schoolchildren that she is now “too old” to continue horseback riding, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The royal admitted this in Hamburg, where she informed the students that although she once owned horses, she “sadly can’t ride any longer”.

Given that Camilla’s late mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II rode into her nineties, the admission by Queen Camilla may come as a surprise to royal enthusiasts.

Ageing-related health issues like limited mobility, arthritis, and frailty can make it more difficult to continue horseriding.

However, it hasn’t stopped Princess Anne, 72, from horseriding, who was seen on horseback during the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee just last summer.

Matt Boyles, the CEO and founder of Fitter Confident You, spoke to Express.co.uk about when the Princess Royal was most recently seen horseriding.

He explained: “A true equestrian, Anne is absolutely still horse-riding, and rode at the Trooping of the Colour during the Platinum Jubilee.”

The expert clarified the health benefits of horseriding. Matt commented: “Horse-riding is excellent exercise, working the entire body – especially the core.”

However, although Princess Anne was seen on horseback, she may not be able to perform any really intricate jumps or other displays due to her age, according to the expert.

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Matt clarified: “While she may not be going all out at racing or show-jumping, even a gentle canter is a great workout at any age, and it shows with her great physique and posture.”

The expert explained what other exercises the Princess Royal might be doing to keep her fabulous figure at the age of 72.

Matt added: “To complement this, she may well be doing regular yoga or Pilates and I’d be surprised if she isn’t lifting weights in some way.”

The personal trainer explained the benefits of this: “This is truly the greatest health-giving exercise we can do, and can be started at any age to build strength, confidence, balance, coordination and overall fitness.”

Despite Queen Camilla not being able to ride horses any longer, her love of equestrianism is reminiscent of the late Queen’s lifelong devotion to her adored horses.

At the age of three, Her Late Majesty took her first riding instruction.

At the age of four, her grandfather King George V gifted the late monarch her first pony, a Shetland mare.

Long into her ninth decade, the late Queen continued to appreciate horse racing, and her enthusiasm became strongly associated with her 70-year rule.

Other members of the Royal Family that are keen equestrians include Zara Tindall, the only daughter of Princess Anne.

The wife of Mike Tindall participated in the London 2012 Olympics and even went on to win a silver medal.

This made Zara the first member of the Royal Family to win an Olympic medal, but she was not the first royal to ever compete.

Back in 1976, Princess Anne travelled to Montreal to compete in the Olympics but sadly did not win for Team GB.

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