Queen Maxima diet plan: The royal’s traditional Dutch breakfast to stay fit and healthy

Kate Middleton chats with Queen Maxima at Order of the Garter

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Queen Maxima is one of the standout European royal monarchs, due to her radiant looks and also her healthy lifestyle. The Dutch royal is always photographed with a beaming smile and her skin looks incredibly healthy, so royal fans will be eager to learn how she maintains fit and healthy.

In 2015, Maxima was photographed eating a traditional Netherlands breakfast just before the opening of the King’s Games at De Vijfmaster school.

This consisted of several glasses of milk, fresh fruit, and strawberry jam on brown bread and some cucumber.

In many European countries, foods such as cold meats, cheeses, tomatoes, and cucumbers are commonly eaten for breakfast.

Queen Maxima also enjoys hagelslag, a dark chocolate sprinkle spread, which is a traditional breakfast food in the Netherlands.

She spoke to school pupils about the importance of a good daily breakfast in 2012 as they were all enjoying hagelslag.

The Dutch Royal Family are adventurous when it comes to their food choices, as they are regularly pictured trying different cuisines during royal visits.

During a visit to a food market in Italy in 2017, Maxima sampled green olives while her husband tasted fresh mozzarella.

The royal couple were even photographed snacking on a local marine vegetable delicacy at the central market square of Goes in 2013.

At home in the Netherlands, Maxima likes to make tasty treats, such as her favourite Argentinian cookies.

For her 49th birthday, the royal released the recipe for the biscuits which are sandwiched together with dulce de leche, a type of caramel, and rolled in coconut.

Speaking of her mother María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart’s recipe, she wrote: “I grew up with Alfajores, they are my favourite cookies!

“I bake them according to my mother’s recipe, which I am pleased to share with you. So you can bake them yourself at home!”

In 2018, Queen Elizabeth II hosted a lavish state banquet for the Dutch royals which included vegetable and meat pies and 280 slices of chocolate orange torte.

The sweet treats were made up of a chocolate sponge, a chocolate orange mousse filling, and a glazed mandarin.

According to royal chef Selwyn Stoby: “It probably takes about four and a half hours to create each torte.”

Queen Maxima, now 50, lives in Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague, with her husband King Willem-Alexander, 54, and their three daughters: Princess Catharina-Amalia, 17, Princess Alexia, 16, and Princess Ariane, 14.

Just recently, the King and Queen of the Netherlands shared a photo of their daughter Princess Alexia as she prepared to travel to the UK for her studies.

Alexia will study for her International Baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales for the next two years. Her classmate will include Princess Leonor of Spain, Queen Letizia’s eldest daughter, as she too is studying for the same thing in the same school.

King Willem-Alexander is himself included in the alumni of the school, which is a 12th century Castle on the southern Welsh coast.

Argentine by birth, Maxima worked in marketing when she met Willem-Alexander, eldest son of Queen Beatrix, in 1999. They married in 2002 and became King and Queen after the abdication of Queen Beatrix in 2013.

As Princess and as Queen, Maxima has promoted the positives of immigration as well as championing LGBTQ+ rights.

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