Rebel Wilson weight loss: Rebel’s PT on best exercise tips – ‘doesn’t need to be intense’

Rebel Wilson discusses her decision to lose weight in 2020

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Weight loss goals are on the minds of many and results can be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise plan. The man behind Rebel Wilson’s transformation, Jono Castano has shared the best tips for getting into shape.

Jono has an impressive portfolio and trained a number of celebrity stars, including Rebel Wilson and Rita Ora.

He has shared his wisdom for those hoping to be more active.

Eating well is key when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it is also important to stay active.

When trying to move more, the expert explained it is less about what exercise you choose and more about how you go about it.

Always warm up

Getting the blood pumping before a workout is important for preventing injury.

It can also help dieters get in the right headspace for a good session, Jono stated.

He said: “Warming up mentally and physically prepares you for the workout ahead and also avoids the risk of injury.”

Switch it up

There are lots of workout plans and exercise regimes to choose from so training does not need to be boring.

The expert recommended following a varied workout plan to give the muscles time to rest.

Mixing up a routine can also help those hoping to slim stay on track. 

When doing this, it can also be helpful to pick workouts you enjoy.

He continued: “Having variety in training will first and foremost keep you motivated as you won’t get bored of the same training.

“Secondly, give your muscles time to rest by not doing the same type of training every day.

“Find a few different styles of training you enjoy and set out a weekly routine.”


Making exercise part of a routine can make sessions easy to stick to, Jono continued.

He recommended moving everyday in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

“I’m a big believer in moving every day, that’s why I preach 45 daily,” the expert stated.

“Forty-five minutes of exercise a day will get your blood flowing, is great for mental health and an added benefit is burning extra calories.

“It doesn’t always have to be an intense sweat session, even if it’s just a walk, it will keep you motivated as you showed up and accomplished something for the day.”

Jono’s six-week Body Transformation programme starts on June 7th and can be accessed online via the LIVENow Fitness platform. Price £35

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