Ricky Wilson weight loss: Singer eats same food daily after feeling ‘beyond 50’ in his 30s

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Ricky Wilson rocketed to fame in the early 2000s as the lead singer of British five-piece band Kaiser Chiefs. Since then, fans will have noticed his transformation and some may have followed his fitness journey. How has the singer lost weight over the years?

Ricky Wilson is known for being Kaiser Chiefs’ lead singer, but he was also a judge on The Voice in 2013.

He left the show after three series but was incredibly successful as a coach.

While watching him on TV, fans will have noticed Ricky’s weight loss transformation.

Over the years, he has swapped his rock star diet for a much healthier one, which has resulted in weight loss.

When he kick started his weight loss journey, Ricky decided to hire a personal trainer – but without much luck.

After a session, the singer confessed he was left “shaking on the floor and puking”.

Ricky told Men’s Health: “I tried a personal trainer for a bit – Jamie Sawyer, the guy who’s done amazing work with Chris Moyles – but I didn’t get on with it.

“I vomited every time I did a circuit on a rowing machine. And after five minutes of interval training I was left shaking on the floor and puking.”

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After admitting defeat, Ricky decided to focus on his diet instead.

He swapped his diet of beer and junk food to sushi and Jamie Oliver recipes.

But the star stressed he didn’t completely cut out alcohol from his diet. He said: “I still drink beer, but I appreciate it a lot more.”

Speaking to CelebsNow, he added: “I used to drink loads and I wasn’t as happy as I am now.

“I used to just get stuck into junk food on tour.”

Ricky has not only lost weight with his new diet, but he is also much healthier for it.

Speaking to the Guardian, the singer unveiled how he eats the same lunch and dinner every day if he is at work.

“For both, a chicken avocado salad with no dressing,” he explained.

As for exercise, Ricky took up running after giving up on a personal trainer.

“I run every day,” the singer told Men’s Health.

“A few years ago I often woke up with a hangover and, despite being in my 30s, I felt beyond 50.

“Then I decided if I’m going to be a rock star then I need the energy to do it properly.

“So I started running. And then I started enjoying it. Now it’s given me the ability to go out and drink what I want and I would do it every day if I could.”

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