Simon Cowell weight loss: Foods Britain’s Got Talent boss ate to drop four waist sizes

Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell hands out golden buzzer

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Simon Cowell has impressed fans with his weight loss over the years, reportedly dropping four waist sizes. He admitted he used to binge on sausage rolls, hamburgers and his favourite jam tarts made by his personal chefs. However, after ditching unhealthy habits, Simon has managed to lose a huge amount of weight.

The 62-year-old overhauled his diet back in 2017 following a health scare.

The BGT judge was hospitalised with low blood sugar and consulted a weight loss professional.

On his new diet, Simon said he avoids red meat but continues to eat white meat.

The music mogul also eats lots of vegetables and salads.

He said: “If you’re on a diet you have to keep the food sensible, but it’s got to be interesting and tasty, then the diet’s surprisingly easy.”

Simon is said to consume a green smoothie and no-sugar Alpen for breakfast with tea and oat milk.

This is then followed by a lunch of grilled tomatoes and soup.

“Sometimes when we are going out for dinner because I know I’m going to hate the food, I have baked beans on toast before I go, then eat nothing,” Simon told The Sun.

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He also eats plenty of fruits and cuts down on sugar where he can.

The talent show judge also credited his weight loss down to the amount of water he drinks daily.

It is recommended that adults drink around two litres of water each day, according to Healthline.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant and helps to increase calorie burning.

As well as following a healthy diet, Simon also introduced exercise into this routine.

His fitness routine includes weight lifting, bike rides and walks.

He is often seen walking with his family or riding a bike.

Exercise can help to boost mood, sleep quality as well as energy and reduces the risk of many diseases.

While it does not directly contribute to weight loss, it can help slimmers in their weight loss journey.

In 2020, Amanda Holden said: “It’s crazy because when you see someone all the time you don’t really notice when they are putting on weight.

“With Simon, it was such a gradual thing, but I noticed immediately when he had lost weight.

“We finished auditions last year and then got back together two weeks later for deliberations and I said straight away, ‘Right, what have you been doing, because you look amazing!’”

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