Simply eating MORE of this food can result in weight loss of a stone in three months

Eating more fibre can could help you to lose a stone when added to your weight loss diet, scientist have found. 

One study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health showed adding fibre to your weight loss diet can cause significant weight loss.

The study involved 45 women over three months. They ate 1,600 kcal per day and an added seven grams of fibre a day.

Those who added the fibre into their diet found their weight loss was “significantly higher.”

Diet: Boost weight loss by adding chia seeds to your juice – benefits explained

Weight loss isn’t always simple and a diet where people are left feeling hungry might be more easily abandoned.

Therefore a trick to a successful weight loss plan is for dieters to convince themselves they are feeling full.

This can be achieved by making sure one consumes enough dietary fibre. Fibre plays a vital role in boosting the ‘full’ feeling – which makes following a weight loss diet easier.

Choosing foods which are high in dietary fibre is important.

According to a review published in Nutrition in 2005, getting enough fibre will lower the risk of obesity and affect hormone release in the digestive tract to promote weight loss, reported Livestrong.

One food high in fibre is chia seeds. These tiny black seeds are related to the mint family.

They come from Central and South America – Aztecs and Mayans are said to have used them as a source of energy.

Chia seeds are rich in nutrients, despite their miniature proportions.

A 25g portion of chia seeds contains approximately 9g of fibre.

The daily recommended amount of fibre is 30g – so a serving of chia seeds will go towards making sure dieters get enough fibre in their day.

Chia seeds are also rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium – the latter of which has been linked to fat loss, according to a study published in Obesity Research in 2008.

Livestrong recommends making chia juice spritzers to make juice more filling.

Mix chia seeds with cranberry, lemon or lime juice as well as sparkling water.

Adding sparkling water to juice is a helpful way to lower the number of calories in a juice drink.

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Some juices can be very high in calories – and by mixing half juice half sparkling water, dieters can half the number of calories consumed.

It’s vital to be wary with shop-bough juice in particular. Orange juice in a carton will not only be high in sugar but also low in nutrition. 

The nutritional value is further deteriorated if it has been processed at higher temperatures.

This means consumers are being served a high dose of calories and sugar even before they’ve tucked into any breakfast foods.

Instead, look out for a juice that has two vegetables for every fruit included in the drink.

“Choose a freshly squeezed juice, cold-pressed juice or high-pressure-pasteurized fruit and vegetable juice that contains more nutrients and less sugar, registered dietitian Isabel Smith told Business Insider.

Or instead, replace fruit juice with water or unsweetened tea, there are plenty of tasty herbal teas available.

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