The diet plan that saw slimmer lose half a stone – ‘it’s helped me’

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Self-confessed foodie Nathanael made the decision to restart his healthy lifestyle in a bid to get leaner in time for his holiday. He realised he had fallen into some bad habits after suffering numerous injuries just before lockdown that saw him forced out of the gym for a long two years.

But with a beach body on his mind and having previously been passionate about his fitness and nutrition, he decided enough was enough and it was time to ramp it up and get his eating under control.

He said: “My history of diet and exercise has been like a roller coaster really.

“I’ve gone through phases where it’s been good. I can’t be unhealthy, I’ve cut out junk food, cut out chocolate and cheese.

“But every now and again I treat myself to one of those things and that’s just a downward spiral.

“A couple of my biggest struggles have been snacking on chocolate. I just get addicted, so when I’ve had some white chocolate in the week I have to have more!”

He admitted he is also guilty of comparing himself to others on social media, adding: “I’ve definitely had insecurity in terms of my body. I don’t know when it started.

“I’m just comparing myself to [social media] and I shouldn’t really be doing that. But it’s hard not to when you just see it all the time.”

With Nathanael’s main goal to tone his stomach and get abs, he enlisted the help of Myprotein, where he began with their supplements and was assigned a personal trainer.

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He beamed: “I didn’t think that I would be able to stay as disciplined as I have done, but I’m just very happy!”

His programme consisted of a set meal plan, which still included his favourite foods such as bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken burgers and chocolate in order to encourage him to stay on track and get the best results possible.

His coach also included foods that can easily be prepped for the week in order to cut down on cooking time.

It wasn’t plain sailing, as he admitted he struggled at first to stick to stricter portion sizes and the regime.

He revealed there were many moments when he wanted to “give up” but he continued to push through to reach his goal.

Nathanael explained: “It felt comfortable to actually slip into this and do a plan. But then as soon as work kicked in from week three, it got harder and harder because I had less time to do workouts and less time to meal prep and basically live a normal life.

“That’s when it got tricky and that was difficult. The thing was portion size, it was too small, I needed another plate!

“But in order to hit my goal in those eight weeks, I needed to stick to the 2200 calorie limit that I was on.”

Alongside this was a strict exercise routine, where he worked out four times per week.

Of his transformation, Nathanael said: “My body feels lighter now. I feel slimmer. I feel trimmer. I feel good!

“I’m happy with the changes that I’ve made because I’ve tried before to change my body and nothing’s really happened. I’ve stayed the same for the last few years sticking to a plan and following a diet plan.”

He added: “It’s helped me stay focused and it’s been good to just have a rigid structure to keep me motivated.

“I’m more wary about what I’m putting into my body now, I think I’m more in control of my cravings and I’ve got more discipline.”

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