The Queen stays healthy with ‘a solid 8.5 hours every night’ – ‘crucial for a long life’

The Queen attends Chelsea Flower Show in a buggy

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The 96-year-old Queen, who has mobility problems, was driven around the annual Chelsea Flower Show on Monday. “Adjustments have been made for the Queen’s comfort,” said a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman. After cancelling a series of events earlier this year, the Queen has been much more visible in recent weeks.

How does the Queen stay healthy at 96-years-old?

Ellie Busby, the founder of ‘Vojo – Personalise Your Plant-Based Health’, spoke exclusively to about the Queen’s diet and fitness plan.

She said: “For breakfast, the Queen first enjoys earl grey tea – without milk and sugar.

“Caffeine has lots of brain benefits (as long as you stick to less than five cups per day).

“Some sources say she’s very fond of fish – and sometimes even enjoys fish for breakfast, especially kippers.

“Kippers are high in omega-3, which is very good for brain health, cognition and longevity.”

The Queen has an equally healthy lunch, according to this expert.

She continued: “A typical lunch is fish and vegetables – typically leafy greens such as wilted spinach.

“She avoids refined carbohydrates like pasta.

“This is great because refined carbs spike your blood sugar, increase your risk of type-2 diabetes and don’t provide many nutrients apart from sugar.

“For dinner, her tastes are varied but again she loves fish and lots of vegetables.

“A typical dinner is grilled or poached portion of fish and then a salad and vegetables on the side.

“But after dinner she loves fruit and she’s a bit of a chocoholic!

“Actually, dark chocolate is surprisingly good for you, especially for your heart, gut, weight, brain and even your mental health.”

How does the Queen stay active despite pictures of her at the Chelsea Flower Show in a buggy?

Ellie added: “The Queen is said to go for daily walks with her corgis around the grounds.

“Of course in her old age she will be slowing down, but keeping active for as long as possible – even if that means walking with a stick – is the most important thing.”

What are the Queen’s health tips and tricks to reach 96-years-old?

“The Queen has a strict 11pm bedtime and sleeps a solid 8.5 hours every night.

“This is one main thing which scientists say is crucial for a long life – getting enough sleep (but not too much).

“Less than six hours per night and more than nine hours per night can have a negative impact, but seven to eight hours is just right for most people.

“From her diet, it seems like her secrets are: lots of omega-3 every day, chocolate. vegetables for lunch as well as dinner, especially leafy greens, avoiding refined carbs like pasta, and tea without added sugar or milk.”

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