This Is the Best Cure for Hangover-Related Nausea I've Ever Found

If you’re 98% of people reading this, you’ve had a hangover, and you know that they’re the worst. And to me, the most debilitating aspect of a hangover is the head-spinny nausea that makes you swear on whatever you find most precious in this world that you will never again exceed your boozy consumption limits. 

One morning, when I found myself in such a semi-desperate, self-inflicted condition, I discovered one of the greatest life hacks I’ve yet to encounter. I was digging through my purse in search of a travel bottle of Aleve, hoping that the OTC pain reliever could help dull my anguish. Instead, I came across the small tube of non-drowsy Dramamine I’d picked up on a layover after a rocky, motion sickness-inducing flight. And it all clicked… 

I am miserable because I am nauseated. This motion sickness medication is intended to treat what? NAUSEA. 

Though my miserable state stemmed from overdoing it on gin martinis rather than riding in the backseat of a car, a dose of non-drowsy Dramamine—taken with plenty of water—made me feel remarkably closer to being a functional human. I realize connecting the dots that this drugstore remedy applies to all forms of nausea, regardless of source, is not what most would consider a profound revelation, but I remember the near-magical moment of relief with fondness all the same. 


The thing I love about the non-drowsy, natural version of Dramamine is that it’s a megadose of ginger. That’s the only ingredient. You know how your mom might have you sip on a ginger ale when you felt queasy as a kid, or even now as an adult you might pop a ginger candy to settle your stomach? Same idea here, except you’re getting 500mg of ginger concentrated in an easy-to-swallow tablet that your body can process quickly. And while, yes, the “best” way to heal from a hangover is to hydrate and sleep it off, that’s often not an option, so the fact that ginger does not cause drowsiness is highly convenient.

Plus, being what it is, ND Dram, as I have affectionately named it, doesn’t discriminate when it comes to soothing my nausea. Whether it’s a taxi ride or a bizarre reaction to eating more than a little avocado (I suspect I have a mild allergy, but love it too much to admit), ND Dram is there. Thus, I keep it on hand at all times; you just never know what’s gonna make you queasy. 

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