Tina Hobley weight loss: Holby City star shares easy food plan to maintain slim frame

Tina Hobley dislocates her shoulder on The Jump

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Tina Hobley left Holby City in 2013 after 12 years on the show. The actor now presents a radio programme on Smooth, often posting photos of herself in the recording studio on Instagram.

Tina also regularly shares pictures of her and her family on holiday, showing off her trim stomach and toned arms.

This week, the star posted an image of herself in a bikini in Greece.

Tina has spoken about her diet plan and exercise regime in the past, crediting both for helping her lose the weight she gained while pregnant with her children.

How did she shed the pounds at the time?

After giving birth to daughter Olivia in 2008, Tina spoke about losing her pregnancy weight through “being busy”.

She told Mail Online: “It is really and truly all down to rushing around and being busy.

“I am not disciplined at all.

“When I have some free time, I don’t want to be stuck in the gym, I want to be out and about with my girls.

“I didn’t breastfeed – I did about three weeks mixed and then Olivia was bottle-fed – but that wasn’t because I was worried about having saggy boobs, I simply chose not to.

“I didn’t feel pressurised into doing it for the health benefits because I am not fully convinced of that argument.

“And touch wood, Olivia has hardly had a sick day since she was born.”

Tina added that she is “far from perfect”, saying: “I would like to have a flatter stomach, but I can’t be that desperate otherwise I would do something about it.”

The actor eats a balanced diet and has previously shared her meal plan.

In 2009, Tina revealed she eats around 1,500 calories a day.

For breakfast, she would have muesli and a banana, or toast and butter with some orange juice.

Lunch would be a salad or a vegetable soup with a wholegrain roll.

For dinner, the star said she would consume grilled chicken with plenty of vegetables, salmon linguine, or sometimes vegetable soup again.

Although Tina watches what she eats, she has previously said “the diet goes out the window at the weekend”.

She spoke to Express.co.uk in 2015 about her “perfect weekend”, saying: “Even when I’m touring I jump in the car as soon as the curtain goes down and race home to get the weekend started.

“If I arrive early enough we’ll head to our favourite pub, The Five Alls in Lechlade.

“It’s glitzy in that Kate Moss drops in and Gary Barlow lives nearby, but essentially it’s a great country pub with fantastic food.

“I love pie and chips – the diet goes out the window at the weekend – and afterwards Oli and I will head home, put the kids to bed, light a fire, open a bottle of red wine and catch up.”

The Holby City star added that she enjoys doing yoga on Sundays, as well as reading the paper.

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