Trader Joe’s Has a YouTube Channel and It’s Delightful

There’s a lot to love about Trader Joe’s—ridiculously good frozen food (looking at you, cauliflower gnocchi and orange chicken), a detailed plan to reduce plastic packaging and work with more sustainable alternatives, and of course, that cult-favorite “Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning.” Late last month, the grocery store quietly dropped a YouTube channel (thanks for the heads up, PopSugar)—and we mean quietly, given that there are only 440 subscribers at the moment. (To be fair, they just joined on April 23.) But from what we’ve seen so far, it definitely lives up to Trader Joe’s fun, quirky reputation.

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There are several video categories on the channel—recipes, “how it’s made,” products, “who we are,” and a few podcast episodes too. The product category includes a quick video that shows all the ingredients involved in TJ’s broccoli and kale slaw salad kit (kale, dried cherries and blueberries, broccoli, almonds, sunflower seeds, and radicchio, in case you were wondering); a fun black and white clip spotlights the brand’s maple leaf cookies. The how-to videos are super-satisfying, too—in one, viewers get to go inside the Trader Joe’s “candle lab” and watch peony blossom scented candles go through production. (All to the tune of a banjo, because why not?)

The real fun, however, is the recipe category. Among instructional videos for Mandarin orange chicken and tikka masala burritos, you’ll find two videos starring the Trader Joe’s mascot—the “Fearless Flyer”—in puppet form, complete with a bowtie, cap, goggles, and impressive mustache. He works with two Bon Appétit editors in separate videos: contributor Rick Martinez for Zhoug marinated chicken thighs, and food director Carla Lalli Music for a “fearless” charcuterie board. The Flyer is very muppet-esque and adorable, and gets so mesmerized by the cheese in the charcuterie video, Music has to clap her hands to regain his attention—which is pretty relatable, to be honest.

Check out the full Trader Joe's channel on YouTube.

In other Trader Joe’s news, the company was recently named America’s best employer by Forbes, beating out Costco, Southwest Airlines, Garmin, and Lilly in the top five. Wegmans also came pretty high on the list, at 19—you can learn more about the rankings here.

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