Mixed Green Salad with Honey Mustard, Eggs, and Toast

Fresh mixed greens tossed with honey mustard dressing, a hard-boiled egg, and a slice of chewy sourdough grilled to perfection. This simple side salad or quick lunch is on your table in about 15 minutes.

Crunchy romaine or iceberg, slightly bitter escarole or radicchio, soft Bibb or Boston lettuce, and spicy arugula or baby kale—all dressed up in a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette—need very little else.

But of course, there can always be more! Eggs and toast are the ultimate comfort food, so why not incorporate them into a salad?

Make some hard-boiled or jammy boiled eggs, and toast some bread on top of the stove. Set them atop your greens and you have an appealing salad that you could serve all by itself as a light meal. If you happen to be grilling or roasting a chicken, this salad would be a standout accompaniment, too.


Instead of popping that bread into the toaster, make the toast for this salad extra special by grilling it on top of the stove.

The bread, brushed with olive oil, turns golden and crunchy on the outside but stays deliciously chewy in the middle when cooked in a hot pan on top of the stove. If you have an outdoor grill, then, by all means, toast it outside.

I love to use sourdough bread for its tangy flavor, but you could use thick slices of baguette or slices of any rustic loaf.


The general rule of thumb for cooking hard-boiled eggs is to place them in gently boiling water and time them for 10 minutes, starting from the point you place the eggs in the water. This should yield a yolk that is fully cooked, pale, and almost dry.

But my personal sweet spot for boiled eggs is at 8 minutes. At this point, the yolks are mostly cooked yet still a little soft in the middle, and they are bright yellow. If you’re in the mood for a jammy yolk, cook the eggs for six to seven minutes.

Have a bowl of ice water ready and waiting before you put the eggs in the boiling water so you can stop the cooking as soon as they’re done to your liking. Stored in their shells, jammy eggs will keep in the refrigerator for up to two days, while hard-boiled eggs will keep for four days or longer.


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