Weight loss diet: Best high street lunch to add to your plan and boost slimming efforts

Weight loss diet: Best high street lunch to add to your plan and boost slimming efforts

Diet plans can be tricky to follow, often involving a lot of preparation time at home.

Not everyone has the time to prepare a lunch every day. If in a rush, which is the best high street lunch to pick up.

A doctor has analysed popular high street lunches for Push Doctor to identify the most and least healthy options.

Which high street lunch meal deal should you pick up today?

Weight loss diet: Best high street lunch to add to your plan and boost slimming efforts


Ham sandwich, no mayo – 272 calories

Snack a Jacks Zingy Salt & Vinegar – 93 calories

Ribena Light Pineapple & Passionfruit – 20 calories

Total calories: 385

Dr Tom Micklewright said: “It’s good to see low sugar options here, such as Ribena Light, given that customers are often surprised to learn how much sugar and calories are contained in some drinks. Sainsbury’s have also offered a no mayo sandwich which will reduce the overall fat in the meal.

“Snack a Jacks, although low in calories, are rice-based which means they’ll provide a quick energy boost but where possible slower burning, complex carbohydrates are preferable, such as a handful of unsalted nuts, fruit and grain bars or a pot of greek yogurt.”


Tuna and potato salad – 99 calories

Fridge Raiders Southern Style Chicken Bites – 111 calories

Vita Coco Sparkling Pineapple & Passionfruit – 20 calories

Total calories: 230

Dr Tom Micklewright said: “This Tesco meal begins healthily, with a tuna and potato salad offering a combination of greens, protein and carbohydrates. Although the chicken bites might seem like a healthy alternative to other lunch snacks, the chicken has been cooked in a soybean oil and eating foods that have been fried with vegetable oils can expose us to significant amounts of cholesterol-raising fat, including trans-fats.

“With low calories, no added sugar and plenty of electrolytes, Vita Coco Sparkling is a healthy option to wash it all down with.”


Plant kitchen roasted vegetable & avocado sandwich – 311 calories

Mature cheddar and red onion hand cooked crisps – 206 calories

Strawberry still water – 10 calories

Total: 527 calories

Dr Tom Micklewright said: “In principle, the sandwich looks healthy. Although avocados are high in fat, and therefore quite calorie-dense, these particular fats tend to be the healthier kind and can lower the amount of unhealthy fat and cholesterol in your body over time.

“Traditional potato crisps however, whether hand cooked or not, are high in unhealthy fats, including the dreaded trans fats mentioned above; this is why there are so many calories listed here for just a small bag of crisps.”


Fish and vegetable sushi selection with soy sauce – 283 calories

Muller Strawberry Corner yoghurt – 150 calories

Ribena Frusion Blackcurrant Water – 79.8 calories

Total calories: 467.8

Dr Tom Micklewright revealed: “Sushi is a great way to include more fish (with their healthy fish oils) and vegetables into the diet, so long as you go easy on the soy sauce. Yoghurt can be a healthy food option as part of a balanced diet but Muller’s strawberry corner contains a great deal of sugar, which means it has more calories and, if eaten regularly with other high sugar foods or drink (such as the Ribena frusion), could increase the risk of diabetes in the future.”


Sharpers Moroccan style veggie couscous salad – 161 calories

Sharpers BBC multigrain waves – 95 calories

Vita Coco Coconut Water – 90 calories

Total: 246 calories

Dr Tom Micklewright said: “Couscous is a healthy alternative to rice as it releases carbohydrates and sugar into our bloodstream more slowly. This keeps us energised for longer and reduces our risk of diabetes in the future.

“The Shapers multigrain waves contain a much lower number of calories and fat than normal crisps. The Vita Coco coconut water is high in electrolytes and doesn’t contain any added sugar so is a healthier option than many of the soft drinks and juices available.”

The winners:

If you’re looking to bag yourself a bargain this lunchtime, our choice from Boots came out as being the biggest saver option, with a total saving of £2.60. However, if you’re looking for the best calorie-controlled option, our Tesco choice had the least amount of calories, with just 230 in total.

Drinking a certain drink before breakfast can help with burning fat, it has been claimed. 

Nutritionist Rick Hay told Marie Claire: “Grapefruit or lemon in warm water is good before breakfast to help cleanse and kick-start the lymphatic system.”

Another expert Christine Bailey added: “Grapefruits are rich in water and soluble fibre – they can fill you up and curb hunger pangs.

“They can also help reduce insulin levels helping to prevent fat from being stored in the body.”

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