Weight loss diet plan: How Antonella Brollini lost three dress sizes in just 12 weeks

The weight loss diet plan this woman used to lose six stone in total has been revealed.

Antonella Brollini went viral for her uncensored reviews online.

She first lost four-and-a-half stone through exercise and healthy eating, before using a diet called “Do The Unthinkable”.

This diet helped her to lose a further stone and a half in just three months.

Weight loss diet plan: How Antonella Brollini lost three dress sizes in just 12 weeks

Forty-five year old Antonella was 22.5 stone and a size 28.

She’s now wearing a dress size 16/18 and is weighing in at 16.5 stone.

What’s more, she no longer has to take tablets for her Chronic Brittle Asthma, which meant she had to sleep using a machine for years and took around 34 pills a day.

On the 12 week Do The Unthinkable programme, Antonella enjoyed three nutritious meals a day, which took just minutes to cook, as well as three healthy snacks which totalled around 1,600 kcals a day.

Antonella said: “Eighteen months ago my health was at its worse. I was morbidly obese and practically living out of my bedroom because I struggled to get around the house so much.

“I struggled to lie down because I wouldn’t be able to breathe, and I was taking 34 tablets a day.

“I knew I needed to do something about the way I was living but I just couldn’t face it. It wasn’t until my doctors told me that I either had to make changes or die an early death that I really decided to sort myself out.

“Living on my own, I’d become bored of eating the same things day in, day out. There wasn’t much variety to my meals at all.

“But Do The Unthinkable changed all that – there’s so many different meals and snacks to choose from, it’s impossible to get bored.

“Each week I’d select a new menu online from over 100 different choices, and they’d be delivered fresh straight to my front door.

“What’s better is that it takes the headache out of shopping, and most meals only take around 10 minutes to cook up in the oven, microwave or on the hob.

“I was able to eat pasta for lunch and pizza for dinner – what other diet plan lets you do that?!”

While her physical appearance has altered dramatically; Antonella also acknowledges the transformation to her mental and emotional wellbeing.

She said: “Ditching the weight has been life changing and my entire outlook on life has changed. I’m full of positivity and energy which has a knock-on effect to every element of my life.

“My daughter is over the moon that she’s now got a mum who can jump on the train to visit her in London, and we can spend the afternoon shopping or having a wander together – something I wasn’t able to do 18 months ago.

“I know that I’ll never be a size 10 but what’s important to me is that I’m happy and healthy. A couple of years ago my quality of life was shocking and I was practically on death’s door, but now I’m able to look forward to the future.”

Another weight loss diet plan that is proving hugely popular is the keto diet plan. 

But how can you tel if you are in ketosis?

The 12-week musclefood.com Do The Unthinkable diet and exercise plan sees optional high intensity workouts combined with low calorie and low fat meals which are delivered fresh to your door weekly.

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