Weight loss diet: This one food can help you slim down – how much should you eat?

Knowing what to eat can be tricky when it comes to weight loss and those hoping to shed some inches from their waistline can be left sifting through different diet plans to find one that works for them.  In order to get the best results, there is one food group that slimmers should focus on and choosing to base their meals around these foods could help them beat the bulge.  Adding more protein into the diet could be the key to losing weight, according to Peter Gaffney, founder of PGPT, London’s leading mobile personal training service.  Eating foods high in protein can help slimmers start their weight loss journey and they can use their body weight to calculate exactly how much they need to eat.

Weight loss diet: Eating more protein can help you slim down – how?

If looking to add more protein into the diet, this can be achieved by eating high-protein foods such as meat, fish, nuts and eggs.

“My advice would be to eat more protein on a daily basis, at least 1.5kg per kilogram of body weight, and focus on creating a calorie deficit,” Peter revealed.

“Fifteen per cent of your total daily allowance is a reasonable and manageable amount.”

Slimmers can use various trackers and apps to help them figure out how much protein is in their food, and by eating enough for their body they can keep themselves feeling fuller for longer.

This means they are less likely to snack and if slimmers focus on adding in more protein while cutting down on how many calories they eat over all, this can help kick start the weight loss journey.

Pairing this diet with regular exercise can help speed up weight loss and weight training should be a key part of any exercise plan, according to the personal trainer.

Peter said: “I would always recommend embracing physical activity alongside your diet and to build strength training into your routine, which will help build your metabolism and discourage you from restricting your diet too much.

“Nobody ever got fat by eating one slice of pizza, just like nobody ever got skinny just by eating a salad! It is about combining a healthy diet with a consistent training routine.”

By incorporating weights into their exercise routine, dieters will burn extra calories and help speed up their metabolism which means they will not need to be as restrictive when it comes to what they eat.

Peter explained that dieters should not be discouraged if they occassionally eat unhealthy food, and that combining a healthy diet with a consistent training routine is the best way for them to lose weight.

Peter added: “Ultimately, the key for anyone embarking on a weight loss journey should focus on educating themselves.

“Having a knowledge about the different food groups and the calories each group contains allows individuals to monitor and manage their overall calorie intake.”

Looking at what dieters drink can also help with weight loss, and drinking more water has been shown to slim the waistline. 

Research showed those who do drink water can increase their metabolism by 24-30 per cent for roughly an hour after consuming it, meaning that dieters can burn more calories.

On top of this, research showed that thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so sipping on a cold class of water can help slimmers cut down on snacks.

Eating more fibre can could help you to lose a stone when added to your weight loss diet, scientist have found. 

The study published in the US National Library of Medicine tested 45 women over three months. They ate 1,600 kcal per day and an added seven grams of fibre a day.

Those who added the fibre into their diet found their weight loss was “significantly higher.”

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