Weight loss: Eating more of these three surprising foods can burn belly fat fast

When trying to lose weight, slimmers can achieve their goals by looking at diet and exercise. While many diet plans will involve cutting out lots of food groups, eating more could actually give the best results. Eating more foods high in protein, dairy and fibre could start to carve six pack abs and burn belly fat.


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While both exercise and diet are important, fitness expert Darren Herman explained why what you eat could be the most important.

He told Express.co.uk: “When it comes to fast fat loss, there’s no getting around the fact that diet counts.

“In fact, you could say that diet will account for about 80 percent of the total results you see as it’s really that important what you’re putting into your diet daily.

“While you should definitely be able to lose weight by staying activity on a regular basis, when it comes to melting off those final pounds, diet is what you’ll want to turn to.”

When looking at what you eat, those hoping to slim down the waistline should eat more of these three foods.


Piling protein on the plate will help keep dieters feeling full and stop overeating.

When doing this, slimmers should focus on lean proteins to get the best results.

Daniel added: “One key nutrient that will be a must have in your plan is protein.

“Protein is going to help to suppress your hunger, boost your appetite, and make sure that you don’t suffer from lean muscle mass.

“Make sure that you’re eating a lean protein with each meal and snack that you serve up and you can feel confident that you’re reaching your needs.

“Remember to choose lean, natural sources of protein for optimal results.”


In order to burn fat, filling up on fibre can help carve a toned stomach.


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“Fibre is another nutrient that will be a must to take in regularly on your fat loss diet,” he added.

“Fibre is going to help keep your body healthy and more importantly, help keep you feeling full.

“Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are high sources of fibre, so aim to eat them with your meals and snacks as well.”


While many people might ditch dairy foods, they can help dieters tone up.

Daniel told Express.co.uk: “Finally, last but not least, the final tip to boost your fat loss is to aim to eat more dairy on a regular basis.

“Again, many people think that dairy should be limited when aiming to lose fat but it’s actually the opposite.

“Not only are dairy rich foods high in protein content, but those eating them regularly tend to show greater rates of abdominal fat loss.

“Just be sure to choose the lower fat varieties and you’ll be all set.”

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