Weight loss: Get back into shape after Christmas with this easy 30 day fitness plan

A weight loss journey during Christmas typically gets shelved as there are so many delicious treats tempting slimmers away from their dieting programmes, and why shouldn’t Christmas be a time to indulge after being so good the whole year? But once Christmas passes slimmers might notice weight gain.


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Luckily, founder of FlabbyFashionistas.com, Lisa Thompson, has designed the perfect fitness challenge to beat the Christmas bloat and get a slimmer back into shape in 30 days.

“As with any health or workout change, you should consult with your physician to make sure you are safe to proceed. Most low-impact exercise is totally safe, but it is always wise to double-check before making any changes in your health routine,” cautioned Thompson.

With all the treats and big holiday events with decadent meals, it is tough to watch what a slimmer eats, but weight loss expert Lisa Thompson has designed the perfect fitness workout programme.

She said: “The Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge is one that focuses on drinking more water, exercising, and staying focused on better health options.”

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The daily workout

• Jumping Jacks – 50

• Squats – 20

• Mountain Climbers – 20

• Crunches – 50

• Burpees – 20

• Lunges – 20 each leg

• Push-Ups – 15

• Plank – 30 seconds

“Doing each of these exercises daily is the biggest part of the workout challenge,” said Thompson.

Additionally, drinking water and eating healthier options is also vital to a slimmer’s weight loss success.

The best way for a slimmer to get started is to initially measure themselves so that they can keep track of their weight loss.

Thompson said: “Measure your waist, hips, stomach, chest, thighs, and arms.

“Mark these measurements down to track as you continue with the plan.


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“Remember, gaining strength and losing inches is more important than the numbers listed on a scale,” she added.

Thompson recommends readers follow the exercises listed on the 30-day fitness plan and to alter it when moves are too difficult or complicated.

She said: “If you are unable to complete moves, adapt them to the best of your ability. “

As well as following the exercise plan, she recommends also increasing a slimmers cardio to increase the rate at which weight is lost.

“I also recommend adding in extra walking or jogging/running if you are able to increase more cardio and calorie burning,” she added.

Every slimmer knows that the most successful weight loss programmes are a mix of exercise and maintaining a well-balanced diet.

Thompson recommends eating nutrient-dense foods and to avoid any processed foods.

“This includes making more food from scratch at home, snacking on fruits and vegetables, and avoiding eating out,” she further shared.

“Work on increasing your water intake and eating nutrient-dense foods to provide fuel for your body as you work through these exercises each day.”

As with most weight loss programmes, increasing the amount of water that is consumed has many weight loss benefits – such as keeping a slimmer hydrated but also making them feel fuller for longer.

Thompson said: “Drink more water daily. I prefer using a fruit infuser water bottle or a large 64-ounce water bottle that allows me to drink my water more easily.”

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