Weight loss: Michael Mosley shares typical meals to lose weight on The Fast 800 diet plan

This Morning: Michael Mosley discusses 800 calorie diet

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The Fast 800 diet has quickly become one of the most popular weight loss plans out there, with slimmers typically losing around 10kg in three months. While the plan involves limiting calorie intake to just 800 each day, Michael Mosley’s plan ensures that followers receive all the nutrients and vitamins they need.

The plan, which is recommended to follow for up to 12 weeks, can be used to kick-start weight loss and improve metabolic health.

It is also split into two different sections with the first couple of weeks requiring slimmers to restrict calories to just 800.

This can be followed using meal replacement shakes or low-calorie meals.

Slimmers will then move onto the stage that involves intermittent fasting, restricting calories to 800 a day for two days a week, then eating a healthy, lower carb Mediterranean diet for the remaining five days.

After this, followers of the diet enter the maintenance phase once they have reached their weight loss goals.

Dr Mosley advises people to still follow a healthy diet and to still follow aspects of the Mediterranean diet plan.

The plan can lead to rapid weight loss, although this is typically not recommended.

The NHS recommends losing between one to two pounds of fat each week in order for it to be sustainable.

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However, short-term the diet plan can help slimmers reach their goals.

What can you eat while following The Fast 800 diet plan?

On a recent episode of ITV’s This Morning, Dr Mosley shared three typical meals that slimmers can eat while on the diet.

He said: “For breakfast I’d go for eggs perhaps, if you have them boiled that’s only 160 calories, you can have them in omelettes, you can have them scrambled, you can have them with a little bit of bacon or possibly smoked salmon, that would add up to about 200 calories.

“For lunch, I’ve got something I prepared earlier. This is a bean and tomato soup, really easy to make and lots of fibre and lots of protein.

“This again is another couple hundred calories.”

For dinner, Dr Mosley showed a tray of baked vegetables with some pieces of fish.

He added: “That again is about 300 calories.”

The expert also explained that junk food snacking is off the menu, although a small handful of nuts can be eaten if needed.

The diet plan may be hard for many to follow, but keeping a healthy snack onside can help many stay on track.

Dr Mosley recently said: “Follow The Fast 800 programme because it has been very carefully calibrated to ensure it gives you the maximum nutrients and the maximum amount of fibre and protein.

“The reason people get hungry is because they’ve eaten something that’s very high in sugar or carbs, so they get a massive rise in blood sugar levels and then they crash and get hungry.

“I find that if you’re eating something which has plenty of fibre in it and plenty of nutrients, I really don’t get hungry at all.

“If I’m going to have a snack, I would go for a small handful of nuts or something like that, it really takes the edge away.”

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