Weight loss: Michael Mosley’s trick to eat less and lose weight faster ‘Super effective!’

Michael Mosley discusses health benefits of drinking water

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There are several things you can do to make your weight loss journey easier. Nutritionist Michael Mosley, who created the 5:2 diet and The Fast 800, has a simple trick for anyone struggling with portion sizes and calorie counting. 

To begin with, the weight loss expert suggests removing temptation. 

“Empty all the junk food out of your house,” he said. 

When there is nothing tempting to eat, it means you are “less likely to cheat on fast days, but also that you are less likely to indulge in mindless eating on other days”. 

Michael also speaks about willpower: “[It] is grossly overrated and if you know the treats are close at hand you will almost certainly eat them.

“A particularly difficult moment is at the end of the day, when you are relaxing. 

“If you sit down in front of the television with a tub of ice cream or a packet of biscuits anywhere nearby you will probably scoff them without even noticing. 

“We are particularly prone to eating mindlessly when we are in front of a screen,” he added. 

“Another trick which is surprisingly effective is to use smaller plates. 

“This helps the portions look larger, but also means you are less likely to go on eating once you are full, simply because you feel you should finish what is on your plate.”

The average plate size today is 28.5cm – eight centimetres larger than the ones used in the 1940s. 

Therefore, when you load up your meal, you are going to be eating more calories than your body really needs. 

It is these extra calories consumed day after day that can contribute to slow weight gain. 

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If you find using a smaller plate is not keeping your calorie consumption down, Michael suggests “ensuring every mouthful packs a punch”. 

“Each meal needs to score highly on what dieticians call the ‘satiety factor’ — the feeling of fullness after eating, which suppresses the urge to graze between meals,” he continued. 

“That means good-quality protein with most meals (a piece of fish, meat or perhaps tofu weighing about 100g or the size of your palm). 

“Plus some healthy fats, such as olive oil (both of which keep you feeling fuller for longer), and unlimited quantities of vegetables.” 

Top tips to reduce risk of overeating: 

– Serve your food and leave any extra on the kitchen side, not the table. 

– Eat slowly – it takes time for food to get from your gut to your small intestine where you brain receptors kick in and send the “I’m full” message. 

– Sit at a table with no distractions – no TV, book, or phone and be mindful about what you eat. 

– Eat less as you get older – metabolism decreases with age and muscle mass shrinks, so consume less. 

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