Weight loss tip: Major diet secret uncovered and it involves dogs

Dogs and humans 'have similar dietary requirements' says Bain

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Dog owners have been urged to combine their health goals with their dogs due to the many similarities they share. Head of Communications at ProDog Raw Anna Bain has explained eating a balanced diet like dogs rich in whole foods can leave people happier and healthier over time. She added that regular exercise is also hugely beneficial.

Ms Bain told Express.co.uk: “People can combine their own health goals with their dogs.

“Dogs and humans are similar in many ways.

“Obviously different in lots of ways as well but there are similarities and the basic of eating a natural wholefood diet applies to humans and dogs because the less processed, the better.

“Getting regular exercise and also having an environment that is not stressful.”

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ProDog Raw have pointed out what foods are best to give dogs.

These include a diet rich in turkey, berries, eggs, green leaves, probiotics, watermelon, salmon, and bone broths.

Dr Conor Brady, author of ‘Feeding Dogs’ said: “Any meat you might usually find in a supermarket is fine for your dog – chicken, turkey, duck, pork, lamb, beef, rabbit, venison, fish… anything.


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“The only meat I wouldn’t feed to dogs would be that sourced from other carnivores (which usually arises from roadkill).

“Everything is on the menu and the bigger the variety of meats and indeed meat parts you feed your dog, the better off they will be.”

Meal ideas for you and your dog include Lady and the Tramp Meatballs, Sashimi, a winter turkey salad, and frozen or grilled watermelon.

Full recipes can be found on their website here.

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