Weight loss transformation: A woman shed a whopping 8st 12lb with simple diet plan

Taking weight loss tips from those who have slimmed down can be a great way to start a transformation. One woman has opened up about the diet plan that helped her drop four dress sizes.

Della Waterfield, from Birmingham, knew she had gained weight but was shocked when she stepped on the scale.

Weighing in at 20st 6lb and a UK size 22, she decided enough was enough and it was time to get into shape and improve her health.

She said: “When I first stood on the scales and saw I was over 20st I was mortified.

“I felt sad and ashamed that I had let myself get to this stage. I hated myself.”

Previously filling up on high calorie convenience foods, Della tried to find a diet plan that was just as quick and easy.

She said: “Feeling defeated but very determined we visited my local Superdrug and purchased SlimFast.

“I wanted a simple effect plan and I knew that SlimFast was a trusted brand so thought I would give it a go.

“The first week was a challenge, I had so many bad habits that I needed to change but following the SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan made it super simple.

“Before starting the plan, I would struggle with what to have for breakfast and lunch, and would often end up having quick high calorie options.”

The plan she followed allows dieters to eat six times a day, picking from a combination of snacks and meal replacements.

Those on the plan can also fill up with one healthy and balanced meal per day.

“Following the SlimFast plan has taken the stress away,” Della continued.

“I quickly got into the habit of having a caramel shake for breakfast then a Chocolate Crunch Meal Replacement Bar for Lunch and a healthy 600 calorie dinner.”

The slimmer quickly noticed the weight drop off and her confidence started to improve.

Kicking off her transformation with the SlimFast plan, Della soon added in regular exercise and joined a gym.

She continued: “I began losing weight steadily and consistently.

“Pretty soon I felt confident enough to start going to the gym and being more active, something that I would never have had the confidence to do before.”

During her transformation, Della managed to lose a staggering 8st 12lb.

She slimmed down to 11st 8lb and a trim size 14.

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